Storms are Calming With The Star Tarot Card

The Star Tarot Card

Storms are Calming With The Star Tarot Card

The Star! Card 17 of the Major Arcana. This beauty is considered a positive when showing up in a Psychic Tarot Reading. Sandwiched between the Tower and The Moon, it indicates a period of calm following life’s storms. The Star foretells the next leg of the Querent’s journey and the wish to incorporate past experiences with the present, in order to realise wholeness. Essentially, we may consider that a good part of life’s journey pertaining to the current path has been realised.

Pictorially symbolic, the Star tarot card shows a naked lady who has no wish to remain hidden. There is no mask, there is no disguise, rather a starry energy shining above a cloudless sky. This card offers illumination as the Querent treads the path to inspired hope. A blessed energy is offered, an inner confidence, removing and replacing negativity. Faith in the self is restored and there is a wish to share joyous fulfilment with the rest of the world… Open hearted and with absolute hindsight.

Following the cold hard fortress of its predecessor the Tower, and its bid to find release from the protective prison of its own making… The Star paves the way for heavenly wonderment, coming with a promise of spiritual illumination. An understated strength borne out of upheaval with its subsequent cleansing and purification process. Any painful revelations have dispersed allowing freedom and truth to shine forth. There is an all-encompassing faith that the future is restored… intact. An unconscious awareness that the worst is out of the way and destined to stay in the past.

The Star! Fabulous! Magical!


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This is all very well ma’am… but how does it translate to the nuts and bolts of real life with its heartbreaks and challenges?! Might the Star with its state of euphoric bliss and wonderment make us vulnerable to tricksters and charlatans. Are these energies based on clarity or wishful thinking? Is the Querent being given a false sense of truth?
Let’s take a closer look at the card…

The nakedness of the woman ‘out in the open’ has one foot on the land whilst the other is placed on the stream. There is joy as she receives the water, rising up from the lily with its never-ending shower of stars flowing and pouring from her cupped hands, back into the flower.

Water represents the emotions. The Star is a card of nourishment. Heaven nourishing the earth. The earth and its beauty nourishing heaven. A star is placed in the woman’s hair with which to wish for a miracle as a child would.

This card foretells of love and beauty. There is an artistic and poetic language within as she is in accord with the gift of spirituality.

The Star tarot card serves as a reminder that after life’s upheavals, forward movement is now underway with the belief that dreams really can come true. It can be a time to take stock and recharge the batteries through a period of relaxation.

The Querent will consider how far they have come whilst enjoying the quiet excitement and joy as the mind focuses on all that is good and pleasant in the world. Optimism is truly one’s best friend with this card as is an upward move.

In the context of a love reading

If the Querent in a positive love relationship, they are presented as someone who is pure joy, with much love to give with which to fill up their loved one’s heart with happiness. There is a soothing energy here and their partner has an understanding that they are there for them, through the good times and the challenges, the light at the end of the tunnel.

Within a challenging relationship, the Star tarot card asks that the Querent focus their energy on the positives, however few, whilst encouraging and maintaining good intentions should they wish to remain in the relationship. Here, the star says take things seriously with no nonsense, this is not the time for joking around… We see the stars when it goes dark and so no treating the relationship like a joke, unless the Querent wants a ‘Hell hath no fury’ moment… However, if the decision has been made to break up, in this case… demonstrate correct actions and try to be respectful. For those left hanging… let go with the knowledge that something better is on its way. A positive more meaningful connection.

For the single guys and gals… Be ready to receive… Furthermore, this one could be a keeper!
When the Star shows up reversed during a reading, this can indicate frustrations within a love connection and the feeling that there is no future here.

In all cases, the Querent should see this card as an opportunity to release past emotional baggage in order to make way for beautiful thoughts and feelings to enter this new state of consciousness. Again, any deep-seated fears should remain in the past so as not to contaminate the creative imaginative energy contained in the card that follows… And in the case of the Major Arcana… this would be the Moon!

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Diana-Julie’s Verdict

Today, we looked at the Star as a stand alone card and in the context of a love reading. The general consensus is that it’s a good omen. We should be pleased when it shows up. We always consider the placement of the Star within each individual spread. Try to have a specific question in mind, whether that is love or career, family dynamics… The Star represents the astrological sign Aquarius, the water bearer, and in this context is useful for giving timings or personality traits. ‘Vive la Star.’

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  1. How do u get a call or talk to Diana-Julie? I have spent a lot of money and have not seen anything happen that I have been told in readings or calls. How do I know Diana-Julie could help me?

  2. You cant look to someone to tell you how things will go, if you want something go get it, if you want to see it manifested go out and go in the direction of it. If it is good or bad for u weigh your pros and cons. Dont look for love, theres more women in this world than there is men, u may wind up a lesbian.

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