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Strange Phenomena Spiritual And Psychic People Experience

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Strange Phenomena Spiritual And Psychic People Experience

My circle of friends and most of my family are spiritually gifted psychics in one form or another, so I have been blessed to see what the residual effects of having your third eye open and aware from an early age.

I have listened to some incredible stories of how certain locations, animals, people have been imprinted with this higher vibrational energy. But I got to see firsthand, how powerful our spiritual and psychic gifts effect everything around you.

When I was diagnosed with Stage Four Breast Cancer 20 years ago, I made the decision to go the natural, holistic route, not easy but I was determined. Back then, there were only brutal choices for women to save your life.

Ficus plants

I had an amazing rapport with my ficus plants and as anyone who is familiar with this particular plant, they are the touchy princesses of the green world. If you change their location and they don’t like it, they drop all their leaves and then you have a tree full of sticks.

Mine flourished for years and would actually shudder when I walked by them and yes, I did talk to them daily.

When I began my treatment, one by one they all started dying. I was heartbroken. I went and bought six more and they also died within two months. I bought another six and they were also all dead within 3 months.

After that, I could not stand the heartbreak nor the expense of replacing them again. It was obvious, they were taking on my illness. I was in treatment for almost 2 years and when healed, I decided to try and see if I could now grow my ficus trees.

I bought one and she flourished, bought two more and they flourished. I was shocked at how obvious it was my illness had affected my plants. I now use my plants as a personal gauge of health.

Spiritual and psychic people are affected by and affect their surroundings with a powerful impact that most are unaware of. Here are a few situations that energetically third eye open people deal with.

7 things psychic people deal with

  1. The moon cycles affect you. The moon is at its strongest during the New Moon and the Full Moon. During these moon phases, spiritually and psychically gifted people have difficulty sleeping or may feel restless.
  2. The time between 3:00 and 4:00 AM gives you occasional sleeping troubles. Known as the ‘Witching Hour’, this specific time of the day is believed to be where magical powers are at their strongest and sometimes make weird things happen.
  3. Animals are drawn to you. Animals have senses that are stronger than humans. They’re able to smell emotions like anger or kindness. Because of this, they’re able to sense an advanced aura, which makes them gravitate towards someone who is spiritually and psychically gifted. They’re attracted to the high vibrating spiritual energy and feel protected and safe in their company.
  4. Your emotions often affect your physical surroundings. When you have spiritual and psychic gifts, you are constantly facing the challenge of controlling your emotions because when your emotions are intense, you may cause things to break or electronics to stop working. Yep! Been there!
  5. Strangers and ‘bizarre’ people regularly show up in your life. Most often, spiritually and psychically gifted people attract strangers who need help or healing, whether that be physical, emotional, spiritual or mental. On the other hand, people considered as ‘crazy’ by society may regularly come your way too.
  6. You sense when the weather is about to change even if it’s not forecasted. You have a natural ability to sense when a storm is coming, even if it looks like a perfectly sunny day. The reason for this is your gifts are connected to Nature and that strong connection to the spirit of Nature enables you to sense the changing of weather or seasons.
  7. You can pick up negative energy in a room in an instant. When you enter a room, you are like a walking radar for energy. Even the slightest amount of negativity in a room is detected by your sensitive radar. You can feel if something bad happened in a room before you got there, or negative thinking and feelings from someone when you look at them. That gift of sensing negativity is not there to torture you but for you to help others who are blind to it.

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Susan Z’s Verdict

If spiritual and psychic gifts came with a handbook, it still would be different for everyone. The one constant I have noticed that happens when those gifts first appear is they either go around announcing it to the world and try to read or help everyone they run into or they shy away from them and pretend it didn’t happen. Unless you are blessed with others who are also gifted and can guide you, I always suggest to seek out classes, workshops, read books and to hang out with likeminded gifted others.

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  1. I’ve never considered myself to be psychic but I have all but one of these things happen to me.

  2. My land lady stated that she wants to sell the house im renting,ive lived in this house for 20 years. I don’t want to leave my home. my heart is breaking.

  3. I was a homeless Combat Veteran. About 2012 a Viet Nam Veteran took me in for light cleaning and other chores I felt so grateful, because he let my cat ” Kitty Kat” in too. One day he asked me. Have you seen the ghost in. The house? I told him I thought I was just having bad night terrors from Desert Storm. He said no there is a couple maybe even three. What he told me didn’t frighten me I’m 50 and I’m a survivor of alot of bad things . I shouldn’t be here today but someone has plans for me or I’d be. Dead at the time I had lost everything in a divorce to a very cruel man. Who still today I have court with him on Monday, but back to my story…that very night kitty Kat decided to sleep with me. (Thank God) i slept. On a recliner and was very grateful for what my friend provided for me. I felt like someone was after me it was a him I’d say in his late 50’s he had his arms wide open and I was struggling between coming awake and sleep. My tremors were more violent and he was laughing. I also felt the presence of 2 other men but could not see them. The one I could see was formed of smoke and fog. I was struggling hard to wake I thought I was dreaming saying no go away. Maybe even screaming and my mouth was wide open but no sound . I quickly opened my eyes kitty Kat was on my stomach growling and hissing at this figure and reaching for the light I said fuck this isn’t a dream;