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Stranger Things, coming to Netflix

Stranger Things Winona Ryder

Stranger Things, coming to Netflix

A new TV show Stranger Things comes to Netflix and it’s promising to captivate you to the point of obsession. Why? Because they claim to combine all the things you love about TV series with a wonderful cast of actors and a good story line. If like me, you grew up in the 80s (well I was more 70s but I was still around) You will immediately be dragged down memory lane by this program, because that’s the era it is set in.

Captivated yet? Now apart from the storyline which combines the supernatural with twists and turns and kids who don’t have cell phones and actually have to talk to each other, all solving the problems without google. Now that last sentence has all the ingredients to make the kids of today shudder with fear, that they could leave the house without a cell phone and actually meet their friends and find their way safely home again. But we did it. And I’m sure they will be fascinated with the storylines as will I. Winona Ryder is part of the cast, so when you have an actress of her pedigree, you know you are on to a winner.

Master Psychic Vincent’s Verdict.

What do the cards say about the show’s success? The Three of Wands shows that someone tapped into memories and added a little magic to come up with this plot, and with the Two of Cups, it shows there was a lot of love put into bringing it together which is always the magic mix in a good program. But the Six of Coins shows that this show has all the ingredients needed to bring it together and make some of us older teens (like in our 50s) take a walk down memory lane to the good old days when things were simpler.

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