Strong Determination With The Eight Of Pentacles Tarot

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Strong Determination With The Eight Of Pentacles Tarot

In a reading spread, I consider the Eight of Pentacles tarot card to be sending a message loud and clear that a desired outcome is being worked on diligently but not yet completely accomplished. Depending on the subject matter, it shows a determined effort to get the job done for the results you want. It also indicates, you might be reading for someone who might be just a tad OCD with a sprinkle of control drama.

The Eight of Pentacles reveals that all your focus is being placed on accomplishing what you want to have and very determined to get it. When this tarot card shows up in a reading spread, it indicates that encouraging progress is being made and staying committed to make whatever you want to come about. The card is about getting the results you are looking for through your own perseverance and initiative versus a stroke of luck or someone giving it to you.

When the Eight of Pentacles shows up in reverse, it can also be a clear message to get your act together if you want to see the outcome you are looking for to actually show up, indicating a possible lack of ambition, discipline, focus and sometimes just laziness. It is about putting your big girl/boy panties on and doing what needs to be done to get what you desire.

In general, this card points to the attitude you must be willing to put in the necessary efforts to accomplish what you want. It may seem like a big mountain to climb at the moment but your dedication to the task at hand is important and to also remember that working without joy can be counterproductive in getting where you want to be. No one can or should work all the time, so balance is also being pointed out.

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Career, Love, Money, Health, Spirituality

When we are talking Career, if you are out of work and looking for a job, this card indicates that a new position may be offered to you soon with expectations that it will raise the bar in your skill set, possibly requiring more of you than your last position. Having the faith that you can handle anything that is thrown at you in a new job is where you want your mindset to be. If you are already employed, you could be asked to take on more responsibilities. It is a reminder to know your limits and speak up if you can’t do it all.

In Love and romance, if you are currently in a relationship, yours or your partner’s work responsibilities may be an issue. Once again balance between work and your personal life is pointed out. If you are single, the Eight of Pentacles often suggests you may be too focused on making money or too career obsessed to make room for a new relationship in your life. Get your priorities straight if you are looking for love to show up so that you actually have room in your life for one.

When Money is focused on, the Eight of Pentacles is showing the windfall raise, bonus or financial assistance that you have been waiting for is about to materialize. It is also a cautionary card, indicating that your money is hard earned, regardless of how it shows up, so don’t squander it all on something foolish. Think in responsible terms and leave yourself a little play money.

In Health issues, this card is giving you the message you need to work a little harder on addressing your overall health habits. Even if you are dealing with a major health issue in your life at the moment, the Eight of Pentacles is advising you to not view yourself as incapable of doing something to better your condition. Even the smallest exercise or change in diet can have long term positive effects.

If Spirituality is the main focus with this card, it might be interpreted that it is time for you to consider that strong sense of Divine connectiveness to become your working career versus the traditional job. People who are contemplating a change from a 9 to 5 corporate job to one of service, often have this card come up. Challenging you to rethink how you are spiritually growing and what steps you are willing to take to use the gifts given you to be of assistance to others.

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Susan Z’s Verdict

Whatever you are putting your efforts into at this particular moment in your life, the Eight of Pentacles is saying; “Give it all you got!” The combination of a positive attitude, discipline and the willingness to give that extra effort to get what you desire is usually a fool proof win/win of your hard work paying off.

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  1. Thank you.
    I saw myself all through this reading.

    Think positive and stay positive. Work hard for what you are striving to accomplish.

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  3. Thank you for your explanation of the Penacle card..it seems accurate to me and i will request a reading next month!

  4. Nice! I feel that this reading is on point! I have been working hard at my personal project, a comic strip and have launched it this week and I have also started a new job 2 weeks ago in a higher position and i feel i am thriving despite all the changes made due to covid-19. Hopefully success continues 🙂