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Stuffed teddy bears speak – and leak data

Stuffed teddy bears speak – and leak data

Stuffed teddy bears speak – and leak data

We live in a modern world where teddy bears speak – and leak confidential data. Some of us remember the time when kids wished their favourite stuffed animals could talk. We read many stories where this wish came true, and watched many movies with talking teddies in them.

It started with weeing plastic babies and singing Barbie dolls. They were programmed to react a certain way after we pressed a button on them. Oh, good old days. Today, a teddy bear is so real, even its eyes and mouth moves while it speaks. Parents can upload a personalized message to an app, one that will be presented to their child – by teddy. We have come a long way, one might say. Well, not so much on the security front.

CloudPets toys have been very popular since their launch in 2015. Nobody would have thought that the innocent teddies will lead to the breach of confidential data. As it turns out, unfortunately whenever one connected the stuffed animal, the data was stored on the cloud – unprotected. Basically, every message, every bit of data was stored on an unsecured server. Over 820,000 users, having recorded 2,2 million messages. All at everyone’s disposal. Hackers might not even had to be geniuses to acquire that data.

It’s quite scary to think about where technology could lead us, and its pitfalls. Luckily, it didn’t fall into the wrong hands – this time. What’s the good news? The data is ‘safe’ now, or at least it isn’t publicly available. Still, nobody was informed about the data breach when it happened. It seems like CloudPets’ makers are still quiet.

Let’s consult the cards to see what message is there in this story for all of us. Apart from protecting our passwords and selecting our Teddies carefully, that is.

Psychic Timea’s Verdict:

Ace of Cups:
Despite this hiccup, the intentions of the company were genuine. They were fuelled by love when they created these toys, having kids in mind. Surely, they couldn’t have known that a wish comes true could turn into a nightmare.

This card represents justice and it suggests that the truth always comes forth. One way or another. Although their intentions were pure, CloudPets did hide the truth about the leaks. Now, justice will be served and those responsible will need to confess.

Eight of Pentacles:
The world of virtual pets and talking teddies isn’t perfect. Mistakes can be learned from. Next time, CloudPets will be more careful, knowing what went wrong in the first place.


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