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Supermodel Bar Rafaeli has a delivery of something special.


Supermodel Bar Rafaeli has a delivery of something special.

Supermodel Bar Rafaeli has taken delivery of something special. The Supermodel has become a mom. It’s reported that the supermodel gave birth at the Ivhilov Hospital in Tel Aviv. It was last Thursday that Bar and her second husband Adi Ezra welcomed their first child together. A baby girl called Liv. Baby arrived safe and sound and weighed in at just above 7lbs.

Childbirth is a great leveller among celebrities and non-celebrities. The worries and concerns that every parent has around this time is no different. Everyone wants a safe delivery with a healthy baby and mom as the end result and that’s just what they got here. I would assume the family are taking time out to relax and bond with their new little member. This is something that all parents can relate too. We wish them every happiness with their future.

Master Psychic Vincent’s Verdict.

The cards drawn for this little family did not surprise me. The Nine of Cups shows the energy around the pregnancy and the good health between mother and baby. The Page of Coins is investing in the future and that’s just what this couple are doing. Little Adi is the beginning of a new future for them and no doubt a bright one. The Knight of Cups  represents the father and his role for the next while. He will have to be the carer of mother and child and the bread winner for the foreseeable future. Well at least until mom feels up to returning to work.

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