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Who Will Support Trump on Friday?

Who Will Support Trump on Friday?

Who Will Support Trump on Friday?

Who Will Support Trump on Friday?
The countdown has begun and Donald Trump is only days away from becoming the next President of the United States. And although change is what brings us forward, this time it might just prove to be too much. Although many before him worked on uniting the nation, he seems to fight his own battles instead.

His latest ’attack’ against Representative John Lewis of Georgia caused many to raise their voice against Trump. Although some claim that he was only protecting himself, nobody can deny the effect his tweets had and still have. If he didn’t make enough enemies by now, surely, he managed to turn Lewis’s supporters against himself.

“He doesn’t care that people think the civil rights movement was important,” Mr. Neal, an African and African-American studies professor at Duke University said. “He doesn’t feel the need to perform some sort of belief that it is important.”

Furthermore, Martin Luther King’s Birthday might not be celebrated this year. Which again caused ripples of dissatisfaction among black people. With his hateful comments, trump didn’t only turn voters against him, no. In fact, several members of the Congress confessed that they won’t be attending his inauguration on Friday.

“Trump has demeaned and insulted the African-American community, and we are going to have to really raise our voices and resist this if these views are going to be reflected in his policies.” Representative Barbara Lee of California said and she isn’t the only one to object.

What will this mean for Trump? Will there be anyone there on Friday? It seems like every day brings a new turn of events, one that can tip the iceberg. Every moment is crucial now, especially because we are so close to a new era. What will it bring? What do the cards say now for Trump, his followers, and America?

Psychic Timea’s Verdict:

The King of Cups for trump:
Despite what we perceive, Trump feels emotionally balanced on the inside. He feels to be in control, and he ‘is always right’. In his own way, he stays true to his own beliefs and standards. Even if they are questioned by others, he will not stray from his ‘cause’.

The Death card (Reversed) for his followers:
Change is inevitable, but you seem to be refusing to accept it. You live in the past, unable to realize what the future could hold. Fear is a natural feeling, everyone fears the unknown. That’s OK! You need to assess your approach to life and the future. This change might be beneficial, if you let it work its cause.

The Chariot card (Reversed) for America:
You have lost control and are at the mercy of those you fear. In order to change this, focus needs to be shifted to those things that can be controlled. Try to let go of your hold on the others things however. The pressure is nearly unbearable, but things will get better.


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