Surrendering to Changes and Delays with the Hanged Man

hanged man

The Hanged Man Tarot Card

Seeing the Hanged Man tells me you are at a crossroad in life and changes are coming such as releasing old behavioral patterns, relationships, careers or what you thought your future would look like. You only have two choices when you are looking at the world in the Hanged Man’s skewed position, yes or no, and up or down. The picture itself shows that you are looking at the world from a perspective of being bound to old thoughts and ways, unable to move forward until you release them. I have always made my clients aware that when it is time for changes you wrote, your higher self may nudge, then push, then shove and if you are still resistant to what is needed for your growth, boot you out and definitely not gently. Always better to read the signs, sense the coming change and be somewhat in charge of the process.

When the Hanged Man appears, it can be a message to expect your projects and activities will have some delays or may even come to an abrupt halt. It’s best when all of a sudden, you feel like you are swimming upstream to surrender to the delay. Do everything you can to help it move along but willfully pushing against a life lesson the Universe has in mind for you from that delay, is pretty useless. Best to learn patience, trust and absolute faith that you are being guided. Throwing out those precious prom pumps and making room for a new lifestyle. You might be surprised after all is said and done, that running shoes have taken the place of those worn out dreams and you love it!

The Hanged Man reversed can send the feeling of “stuckedness” reflected back upon you, caused by your unwillingness to make changes and also learning patience and faith. If you have tried everything and done everything in your power to “force” foreword movement, you will eventually understand that you are being held back in the energy of “timing is everything”. We have all asked ourselves when stagnation sets in, “What is holding me back?” “What can I do to make things start moving again?” Instead of putting all your focus only on the desired outcome, shift your energy to one of gratitude for where you are at the moment and allow yourself to flow with the present situation.

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In general, The Hanged Man shows you wanting to do “something?” but having no idea what it is or how to make it happen. That is a clear indication to allow the universe to be put in the driver’s seat and for you to stop trying to control and relax, knowing in your heart, your desire will show up.

Career, Love, Money, Health, Spirituality

Career: If your career feels stagnant, is it something you have control over? If there is nothing you can change, try not to make it personal. Relax about it until circumstances change; if no change, then start looking for different work.

Love: Once again, the Hanged Man can represent that it might be time to let go of something unattainable, as a lover who belongs to someone else. Once done, you leave space for the possibility of a love that is there for you 100%. If involved with someone, stop “assuming” you know where your partner stands in your relationship.

Money: If finances have been in a “rob Peter to pay Paul” place, The Hanged Man is reminding you to open the flow for your prosperity. Money is energy, just like everything else, and if it stagnates from a belief in lack, then change that energy by sending prosperity out. Give your last $10 to the lady begging on the street, take groceries to the elderly woman who lives on her pension. Money flowing out flows back to you triple fold when open to receive.

Health: You may make a drastic decision about the medical treatment you are receiving for a health issue. The delay of you not getting better pushes you to seek other options. Possibly treatments of a holistic nature that you have not tried before. A change to the better is what you seek, but you must first decide who is in charge of the health of your body and make your decisions from there.

Spirituality: If ever a card represents “self-fulfilling prophesies”, the Hanged Man makes you aware of the power you have to bring about change or delay through your thoughts, beliefs and words. Negativity will meet you at door, not allowing you to go through, if not corrected. A positive approach to life will open the door and escort you out to many new and wonderful opportunities.

Susan Z’s Verdict

The Hanged Man shows that you have the opportunity to see life differently than being bound by old ideas and beliefs. Once free of those, you can change the direction of your life. It is also a good teacher in patience, faith and trust when the delays appear.

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  1. Thankyou Ms Susan Z. Much appreciated, and its absoultely true, what the card says for me.
    Love and Light, Blessings, ❤