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Survivor on CBS


Survivor on CBS

The new season of Survivor is coming in the fall should be fun. The old against the young, Millennials Vs Gens x. It will be interesting to see if the wisdom of years overcomes the free thinking of the youth. There will be challenges ahead and I’m sure a few tempers to explode in the time to come, but sure isn’t that good TV? Let’s face it, wouldn’t it be boring if they got off the boats, went straight to survival mode, organised everything and sat on the beach for the rest of the season?

It’s a question which raises its head for every generation over millennia. The youth think they have all the answers and the older ones think they have had time to experience the answers. But what do the cards say? The Eight of wands, page of coins and the eight of swords all spell out that wisdom may win the day. This would favour the older contestants. While the younger generation may initially take off to a good start, the novelty may soon wear off.

The advantage for the older ones is they came from a pre-technology day. They know how to entertain themselves without cracking up. They made things before power tools were invented. Will the young be able to last the pace without their laptops and mobiles? My money is on Gens x. but maybe that’s because my age would favour them. We will just have to wait and see.

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