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Sweating Blood – Miracle or Rare Disease?

sweating blood

Sweating Blood – Miracle or Rare Disease?

There is a fine line between what we can and can’t explain. Whatever is unknown to us, it is only a question of time before it gains momentum and a reason. However, it can be quite scary when something inexplicable is happening to our body. Like sweating blood.

The case of a 21-year-old woman in Italy was reported last Monday. She is bleeding from her face and palms, seemingly without any reason. She doesn’t have any underlying health problems, and her blood vessels are fine, too. This led scientist believe that the problem lies in her skin, but even so, there is no evidence.

It could be anything, really. She has suffered from this inexplicable bleeding for more than three years. All it achieved was separate her from her loved ones, the embarrassment forcing her into isolation. This isn’t the first time this happened, either. People all around the world suffer from this rare condition. They spontaneously bleed from their pores, eyes and/or skin.

Not only that, but they feel anxious, depressed. Some of these ‘episodes’ are painful, while others are ‘only’ disheartening. It isn’t something that only occurs at night, it can happen anytime, anywhere. Quite literally to the point where the individual is afraid to leave their house, in case it happens again.

But what could be behind it all? Some people associate it with signs from God, while others say it’s the work of the devil. Of course, those who prefer a scientific explanation are still waiting for one. The earliest records of such a condition state back to the 3rd century B.C. Yet, one would think that in two millennia, we would have deciphered the cause, right? Well, let’s ask the cards.

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Card One: Five of Cups

This rare condition might as well have an emotional background. As the experts say as well, it could have multiple causes. Repressed feelings, stress and pain could also contribute to this unusual bleeding.

Five of Cups

Card Two: Nine of Wands

Although we might not realize it, these people struggle more than one can imagine. It is against the odds, really, and that’s why it has a deeper meaning, too. Persistency is key here, as well as patience. Everything happens for a reason.

Nine of Wands

Card Three: Eight of Pentacles

If life gives us lemons, we need to make a lemonade. I’m sure most of us know this saying, and it is especially true here. Try to look at the bigger picture. If you can’t change the situation, change your attitude towards it.

Eight of Pentacles

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