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Taking Chances: You Won’t Know Unless You Try

taking chances

Taking Chances: You Won’t Know Unless You Try

How many times have we heard that saying growing up and trying to navigate your life as an adult? We are not designed for change or taking chances. Our brains are much more comfortable doing the same old, same old, until our higher-self pushes us into a new Soul Window (life cycle phases) and brings change on us. Some changes happen automatically as creating a brand-new body, growing from infancy to adulthood and then experiencing the aging process. So, change happens regardless.

It is often said that at the end of our lives, we are more likely to regret the things we did not do than the things we did. Some of the most prominent people in history have made death bed remarks of wishing they had done this or done that. A life lived fully, regardless of failures, hurts and disappointments is a much richer life than living it in fear of failure or disappointment. Fear the fear and do it anyway!

When thinking about taking chances in your life through change, contemplating whether to do something or not, be sure to be aware of what pops into your head first: “You never know until you try,” or “OMG! I can’t do that! or worse yet, “Why bother, it won’t work out anyway.” It takes courage, imagination and putting your big girl pants on to step off the cliff and take those risks. It is that energy of “go for it, what the hell!” that encourages us to be game for whatever happens versus staying stagnant and holding back. This wisdom can be applied to situations both large and small. You should always be open to trying new things that will make your life bigger and for the positive. That kind of rules out drinking a full bottle of tequila (I did when I was in my twenties and now, I can’t even smell tequila without feeling queasy, lol!) or doing life threatening daredevil stunts. You draw the line that some experiences you just don’t need to say you did it.

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At many points in your life, everything you did was the first time and new: school, work, sex, wearing high heels, first date, driving a car. You get the idea. The most banal things you take for granted, there had to be a first time. But now that you do them, you find that life is much richer. Below, according to the experts, are a few reasons why you should take that leap of faith and try new things without any preconceived attachments of the outcome.

  1. Because you don’t want to live with regrets. At least you tried. Fear of failure is the ego’s way of keeping you small.
  2. Because you just never know what you might find. Trying new things gives you the answers of: it isn’t for you or WOW! I wish I had done this ages ago.
  3. Because it will give you self-confidence. There’s something really rewarding about trying something new. Even if you fail at it, or don’t like it, it doesn’t matter. You will feel more empowered that you even tried. Those small failures don’t count but the small victories are HUGE!
  4. Because you’ll become more interesting to be around. Having a conversation with someone who has tried nothing exceptional, always played it safe out of fear and would never consider doing THAT, is not someone you would walk away from being impressed with. Taking risks opens doors and opportunities in life!
  5. Because, (yes, I am going to say it) YOLO! “You Only Live Once” and no truer words spoken and a big reason to take that risk. Life goes by quickly and before you know it, 20 years have passed and you are still talking about taking on that big ski hill.
  6. Because no one ever accomplished anything by letting their fear conquer them. Stagnation, boredom, stress, regret and looking back at the past and realizing you cannot get those years back. That is how we feel when we are unwilling to take risks.

Susan Z’s Verdict

Balance is the key word here, when talking about taking those chances and making changes in your life. Some will work out and some will not but without trying, you will never have the gift of experiencing all that you could be and want to be. You can read more about Soul Windows…Secrets From The Divine in my book on the changing of life cycles and how they affect change and our life decisions, available at You will see that change is inevitable, so you might as well be in the driver’s seat for as long as you can versus living your whole as a passenger.

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