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Tamar Braxton. Troubled marriage?

Tamar Braxton Vince Herbert

Tamar Braxton. Troubled marriage?

Tamar Braxton has apparently been living in very challenging circumstances if the claims are to be believed. Tamar and Vince Herbert have been married for 13 years, surely the odd fight is normal within relationships? Well not according to her family. When the police were called to yet another altercation then the alarm bells start to ring… loudly! Global superstar Toni Braxton called police earlier this year but no further action was taken since there was no clear evidence. Tamar was admitted to hospital a few weeks ago prompting concern. Although she did not give a reason for the hospital stay, she did make a statement via Instagram about the nature of her marriage saying, ‘This is my husband of 13 years.’ She insists her relationship is fine and continues to present herself and husband Vince as the perfect couple.

Tamar previously revealed on live TV that she was in a relationship prior to her marriage whereby her partner did not behave in the best way towards her. I wonder if her family feel that history is repeating itself? Of course people want to help, but whatever the case may be right now, if Tamar does not want the help and there is no clear proof of anything untoward, then sisters, Toni, Towanda, Traci and Trina are obliged to respect her wishes. I don’t doubt that they will stand by the side lines should Tamar need them in the future.


Véronique’s Verdict

What do the cards say for Tamar? She drew the Four of Swords, the High Priestess and the Four of Hearts.

The Four of Swords card is of retreat. There is a sense of self-imposed isolation around Tamar and seclusion. This card follows the sorrow of the three of swords, the calm after the storm.


The High Priestess represents the passive voice of Tamar. I feel that this card is symbolic of her sisters and the mysterious female energy that many do not understand. Timeless secrets are communicated through an inner voice. Tamara and her sisters have an understanding and this is something that does not need to be verbalized. The Braxton sisters are very much at one with one other.


The Four of Hearts shows strategic withdrawal emotionally. There is a desire for a more spiritual love during uncertainty and disillusionment. Material gains do play a part right now, but the immediate need is a desire for a more spiritual love based on values and the greater good. Tamar is considering all options within her world right now and I do not feel that she is ready to make any life changing decisions.

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