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Tami Time: A serial cheater, getting out of ruts, and learning to let go

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Tami Time: Psychic Tamara answers your questions

This week in Tami Time, M.M. struggles with leaving a serial cheat and liar while Maria is seeking to learn her purpose in life and R.C. finds herself in a rut. Also, Vanessa struggles with letting go of her ex and Ana asks if their property will sell.

Please read on as I offer up some answers and guidance in an effort to help each woman gain better understanding and move forward.

“Im in between 2 men and I don’t know who to choose..my boyfriend has been disloyal and dishonest to me many times and now it has moved me into a direction where I’m trying to see what else out there, who can give me the love and attention and respect that I deserve. But I’m scared to let go of my boyfriend because what if its the wrong decision..what should I do?” – M.M.

While I cannot tell you just what to do, M.M., I can say that the best predictor of future behavior is past behavior and he has already proven himself to you time and again.

While focusing on whether leaving is the right decision, I drew the Seven of Wands, hon. This card speaks of perseverance against seemingly insurmountable odds. You certainly have the strength to let go and move on. Finances may be an issue, but I sense there are solid resources close to you that you could call upon for assistance. The biggest obstacle you face is simply within your own mind. It is not even a matter of love at this point as I sense that is long since gone.

“My question is what is my purpose in life. As i search spirituality.” – Maria

For me, or any other Advisor, to tell you your purpose, Maria, would be considered cheating the system. This is something you must learn for yourself in order to gain the most benefit. I would be happy to help guide you on your journey and try to help you better understand your purpose and where you are headed, but I cannot simply tell you your purpose. I’m sorry, hon.

“I feel I’m stuck in a rut with little light at the end of my tunnel where my relationship is concerned.
J and I have only been dating for 3-4 months now. Can you give me an idea what the future has in store for us? Is he the one for me?” – R.C.

R.C. I had a tremendous amount of trouble shuffling the cards while focusing on your situation which tells me this is not the right man for you; at least not right now. The card that came up for you was The Hanging Man – commonly known as The Hanged Man in more traditional decks. This card often speaks of the need for a new perspective.

You seem quite anxious for something wonderful and long-lasting to take place in your love life, hon. Because of this, you are not really giving any potential partners a fair chance. Three to four months is not enough time to gauge the stamina of any shared connection. Things are still new. You are still coming to know each other, and many people haven’t even been introduced to the relatives at this point.

How can you truly know a man until you see how he interacts with the most important females in his life?

“My question is will my ex A.O. and I get back together or should I stop trying and move on?” – Vanessa

Vanessa, the card I drew for you and your question was The Chariot … let go. It is time to move on, hon.

“Wondering if our lots for sale will be sold?” – Ana

I see some forward progress being made in the sale of your lots late-February into March 2020, Ana. With the Six of Swords coming up after the cards shuffled relatively easily, I see a possible sale closer to May.

Something that I have seen work wonders for quite a few of my clients is burying a St. Joseph statue in a corner of each of their properties. In fact, I buy these in bulk then give them to my clients to aid them in the sale of their properties. Good luck, hon!

If you have a question or area of concern you would like my assistance with, please email me at TamiTime@7thSensePsychics.com.

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  1. Hi

    Thank you read your information

    Can you tell me if my Ex love Chuck and I will reconcile. Not been able to date can’t love another. Been 3 years

    what you see for future with me and love

    really would appreciate guidance
    blessings to you

  2. Comments are greatly appreciated, but please email questions or area of concern to TamiTime@7thSensePsychics.com. This is for privacy issues as well as to allow each person an equal opportunity for consideration.
    Thank you and blessings.

  3. Am I able to get a reading on my current relationship AMD if he us cheating and what to do