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Tami Time: Psychic Tamara answers your questions

Every week I deal with questions from readers and try to help them resolve their issues by drawing a tarot card and reading what it means for them. If you would like to submit your question to me, email me at TamiTime@7thSensePsychics.com.

I truly love and enjoy what I do. I feel I am serving my life purpose, but sometimes the answers I must give bring me almost as much pain as it does to those whom I counsel. This is one of those times. Carrie writes in with hopes for her daughter’s absent father, C.B. questions a long-distance relationship, Pam needs to let go of her former husband and Jeanine feels she’s being played.

“Will my daughter daddy Derrick ever get tired and want to be apart of her life or do I need to put him in a Pandora box and forgive and forget him?” – Carrie

It truly pains me, Carrie, to have to tell you that Derrick will not ever come around as you’re hoping for your daughter. I am sorry. The reversed King of Cups speaks of you needing to let him go and just put him in that box and set him up on a shelf.

Your daughter will have many questions as she grows and matures. I urge you to always be completely honest with her but do not offer up any information that she does not ask for so as to not overwhelm her.

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“I have a long distance relationship with a man who keeps telling me he will be back home soon, he has been away on business for a long time. However every time he is supposed to return something new comes up and he cant get back to me. I think he may be speaking to other women as well and just conning me. Is he being truthful?
Waiting.” – C.B.

Hon, the Five of Swords came up screaming for you to cut ties with this person and fast. He has not been at all honest with you and is most definitely talking with other women. I am even seeing that much of what he writes to you is copied and pasted to at least three other women. You gotta let him go.

“I have been single for the past 5 years, I am in love with a man that I was married to for 28 1/2 years, we have been divorced for about 5 years now, but I am still so much in love with him, he cheated on me with a trailer trash home-wrecker, they have been on and off for the past 5 years, they are not together now, he is not in a relationship with anyone now as far as I know, I told him how much I was still in love with him, I think about him every night and every day, I would do anything to get back with him, we have a 28 year old daughter together and she hasn’t talked to me in a couple of years because she lived with him, I miss them both so very very much and i love them both with all my heart, i am just surviving, I’m not living a full life cause I spent half my life with him in it and now he’s not. all I want is for him to come home, I just wait, hope, and pray that he comes back, he is my whole life and my soul mate. Please give me some advice on what to do.” – Pam

My heart aches for you, Pam. I can only imagine how difficult it has been with you after so many years together and it especially hurts that your daughter is not communicating with you.

The Queen of Wands, reversed, talks of the need for you to put you as a person first. Through being half of that shared connection for half of your life, you have lost your sense of self. What you probably feel as him rejecting you in favor of another, lesser woman, your self-esteem has been greatly eroded. This is only compounded by your daughter turning her back on you.

Unfortunately, this man will not ever be a part of your life again as you are desiring. I am sorry.

Moving forward from here will not be easy, but it is most definitely possible. The first, and most important, step is to CHOOSE to put you first and just choose happiness. Look within for the strength and to your spirituality for guidance. You will need to completely rework your entire thought process. Choose to always find the positive in every single situation and interaction, no matter how negative it may be. Despite how bad something is, there is always something good to be found in it.

I urge you to try and bridge the gap with your daughter. Do not allow your efforts to become toxic to yourself, though. If it is too difficult for you, then try to let it go. She will come around in time.

“This new love relationship I’ve already caught him in lies and just doing obnoxious vindictive things to me then when confronted he plays dumb. But I see right through it. Also some things he does makes me think a set up. Are his intentions true or am I being played? I’ve noticed his actions arnt matching up to his words. Is he pretending just to like me for his needs? And is he talking to someone else. For backup? I hope you can help me. Thank You. Beautiful keep shining!!! ?So lost right now.” – Jeanine

You said it yourself, hon, you “see right through it.” I sense that you already know what needs to be done. You are only needing confirmation so you can take action and make the conscious effort to move forward away from him.

The Ten of Wands coming up for you is a resounding yes to your question about him using you for his own needs. This card speaks of the burden you carry in this shared connection while he is just along for the ride.

That does not necessarily mean he has been pretending to like you, though, hon. He truly does like you and care for you to the extent that he is capable. That’s where things fall apart. He is missing something emotionally and cannot form a solid connection with any other person, probably not even his own nearest relatives.

He does talk with other women, but not as a back up plan. He does it because he simply is not capable of being completely true to any other person. Only himself.

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  1. Hi Tamara
    10 years single and still no signs of love .
    Am I destined for the single life

  2. Hello I been in a relationship for 91/2 years I love him but not in love with him.i moved in with him & his mother it’s been 2 years since I moved in I ‘m not comfortable i feel i need my own place & i feel it’s time to tell him I need my freedom.I have a Male friend from my past I want to know will we remind a friend r more we are long distance & he has a girlfriend should I let he go r remain in his life.

  3. I had an affair in our 29 years of marriage. My partner is in the middle of divorce and Iam still with my family! Iam feeling hurting to leave but today my partner lied to me over something ! We have been together for six years! And he thinks I am overreacting over something so trival! Do you think Iam over reacting? Feel hurt badly and do love him

  4. Ladies, I am not able to answer questions here in the comments. Please email me your questions to TamiTime@7thSensePsychics.com to allow equal consideration to all who submit their concerns.
    Thank you and blessings.

  5. Been married for 30 years. About 10 years ago my husband cheated and used me. I moved out. He convinced me how sorry he was, how he loves only me and to come back. I’ve been back for around 5 years now but the first 3 1/2 were not real. We argued. I felt he was doing something behind my back. The truth has never been mentioned but as long as I don’t ask questions we get along fine. I’ve learned a lot about him in this time that didn’t see before. Will we stay a married couple and him faithful?