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Tami Time: Psychic Tamara answers your questions

Every week I deal with questions from readers and try to help them resolve their issues by drawing a tarot card and reading what it means for them. If you would like to submit your question to me, email me at TamiTime@7thSensePsychics.com.

If they cheat with you, they will cheat on you. That line is as old as cheating itself. And oh-so-true! Been there, done that! I’m not standing on a soapbox. I am speaking my own truth. He actually left his wife for me and it was one of the biggest mistakes of my life.

Hearing from Julie, Tessie, Ashley and Dawn this week; each of whom has found herself in a multiple-partner romantic situation.

“I am struggling with a few things at the moment. I sadly lost my dear mum on 20 May. It was a real shock. It happened so fast. Some days are ok but then others, I feel like I’m walking through treacle. We are about to sell mum’s house so my daughter & I need to find somewhere else to live. I also lost my job so have no regular income at present.

Regarding my love life, met a guy 5 years ago, Darren. Fell in love with each other. He is with someone else so not free to be with me. Works shifts so time with him alwats was tricky. I also met Stephen about 4 years ago. Since losing mum, he has been around for me, takes me out, we go for walks, drives, pub, he has been such a great support & have only ever seen him as a friend but I think we are both starting to have feelings for each other. I never really saw him as anything but friends as Darren always had my heart.

Darren hasn’t been around when I needed him at one of the hardest times of my life but Stephen has. Darren is a Pisces. Stephen is Aquarius, like me. Our birthdays are 2 days apart. I always felt Darren was my twin flame, soul mate, but not sure anymore.

Both my head & heart are so confused right now. Thank you so much

Much love” – Julie x

Julie, I am so very sorry about the loss of your dear mother. That is a pain which never goes away and, quite honestly, never really gets any easier. You just figure out a way to move forward somehow.

As for your romantic situation, the reversed Three of Wands came up indicating that you have been fooling yourself for five years when it comes to Darren. If he truly loved you and had been your soulmate or twin flame, he would have made a way to be with you full time rather than keeping you on the side while choosing to stay with the other person. You need to completely let him go and maybe focus a bit more of your time and attention on Stephen who has actually earned it.

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“Hi Tami, my name is Tessie. I have fallen for a man who, very recently I have found out lives with his baby momma, and from my understanding, his girlfriend. And I have been bumped into being #3. I don’t know what to do, bc I really do love him. I know I deserve to be the only woman in my partners life, and have walked out of relationships for less than this. But for whatever reason, something keeps telling me to hold on. What should I do???” – Tessie

Hon, you do not need me to tell you what to do. You already know and have known for quite some time. You just need a little push and possibly a bit of permission to do what you consider may be cheating yourself in some way by walking away from a man whom you truly believe you love. Maybe you do, that’s not my place to say. But I can say that he does not in any way reciprocate your feelings.

Coming up for you today, Tessie, was the Page of Wands which speaks of how you are holding yourself back and preventing your intended lifetime partner from entering your life as you hold out hope for being bumped from #3 to #1. I am so sorry to say, hon, you will never be #1 with this man. Quite honestly, no woman will ever truly be #1 with him as it is simply not in his nature to be true to any one person other than himself.

“Hello. I just found out that the guy I’ve been with for 3 years cheated on me with my brother’s girlfriend whom Is the mother of my brothers children. My brother and the guy I’ve been with for 3 years (Noe) are also best friends. I don’t think this is the only time he has cheated on me. Is it?” – Ashley

Wow, Ashley. That is a situation that is just too crazy to not be true. I am so sorry for you and your brother, not to mention how all of this could potentially affect the children involved.

Confirming your suspicions that this is not the first time that Noe has cheated was the Three of Swords. One of the most basic meanings of this card is a love triangle, hon. The mother of your brother’s children is not the first and if you choose to stay with Noe, she will not be the last. I am sorry.

“Presently separated. Husband had affair what’s the next year look like? The last year and half has been horrific. Can’t trust him. Lots of anger and hurt. What to do?” – Dawn

Hon, I am feeling through your energies that you are not quite ready to give up on your marriage. It may be small, but there is a teeny ray of hope keeping you from completely closing that door. There is still a wee bit of love on your part as well as his. All of that being said/written, the greater part of you does not want to ever go through another year like the one that has just passed.

With The Hermit coming up reversed for you, I am seeing that unless you take action and implement some major changes, the next year will be filled with further loneliness and increased isolation.

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  1. Tamara
    So I thought I found the guy I want to share my life with well turns out that someone has stolen the man in the photo I truly thought I had a chance with so now my heart is completely broken I feel I will never find the truth about the man in the photo I feel a connection but I need answers is wrong for me to hire a PI to find his real identity so that I may have some closure

  2. Will me and my children , be able to get our car repaired? Or forced to get another? Will we ever have a permanent home? Or be homeless forever? It’s been 6 years now homeless?