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Tami Time: Psychic Tamara answers your questions

Every week I deal with questions from readers and try to help them resolve their issues by drawing a tarot card and reading what it means for them. If you would like to submit your question to me, email me at TamiTime@7thSensePsychics.com.

Each of us as humans deal with some degree of stress and strife just about every day. What may be a figurative small splinter in the hand of a burly construction worker, another person may be brought to their knees as a result. We all deal with pain, grief, stress and trying situations quite differently from one another. While there may be a more or less effective way to deal with adverse situations, there is really no one wrong way.

This week, we hear from three different people dealing with their own individual struggles and one who seems to be doing rather well after making a change in her relationship. Elizabeth is struggling to get back a highly sentimental item from her ex who cheated on her, Dianna is curious about a current friends-with-benefits connection, Gabi is looking for a lasting love, and Brandy is struggling with a tremendous loss compounded by being kept distant from two of her grandbabies as a result.

“I was with Darryl for over 2 years before he cheated on me and we eventually broke up. When I caught him he swore he loved me and wanted to work things out. He literally broke up with a text message..he has my dads coat that I want back and he keeps saying he doesn’t have after I literally helped him move. It’s sentimental as my dad has died. We are no longer speaking. Why won’t he let me have it back?” – Elizabeth

It is all about control with Darryl and his inability to take responsibility for his own actions, hon. He screwed up … big. But he will find that someone else was at fault so he does not have to deal with it. But you caught him, so he cannot deny it to you, so he chooses to just completely shut you out. The card that came up for you was the reversed Eight of Wands which speaks on his inability to change and the frustration you will continue to feel until this matter is resolved. Unfortunately, I do not see any resolution other than for you to try and let it go.

I am one of the most absolute sentimental persons on earth so I understand all too well how this is making you feel. I fear, though, that Darryl would throw the coat away before allowing you to have it back. Hon, I am so sorry.

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“Me and this guy use to date we or both or Gemini’s born on the same day we got along pretty well besides my thoughts I was having and all the weird stuff that was happening with us but now that we or friends with benefits after all these years we have been talking I’m wondering what’s going on with us !!” – Dianna

The pressures that come with trying to build and maintain a more serious romantic connection have been removed. Now you are each free to be fully expressive as there is little fear of running either of you off.

Through the Knight of Cups, reversed, I am seeing that among the obstacles having been removed are unrealistic expectations and jealousy. A key aspect that has been gained is being able to more fully explore and be creative in your physically intimate times. This is mainly because inhibitions have been removed and your only need (each of you) is to simply satisfy each other physically and yourselves.

“Will I find lasting love?

I have been unsuccessful for so long.” – Gabi

Oh, my goodness, hon, I drew the absolute best card for you. Before I get to that, though, I need to say, “If you keep doing what you’ve been doing, you will keep getting what you’ve been getting.” You need to take some big chances at changing up how you go about meeting new people, not just potential romantic partners, but friends as well.

Be very highly selective as to whom you spend your time with and where you go to meet new people. Identify the exact type of long-term romantic partner you desire, even making an extremely detailed list if that will help you focus. That is also great for manifesting efforts.

Once you have identified the kind of partner you desire, then place yourself in the path to meet such a person.

Now, for your amazingly awesome card … It was the Ace of Cups which quite literally speaks of love and new relationships. Someone is near, they’re just waiting for you to come along when the time is right. It will happen and I feel sooner rather than later.

“Hello my name is Brandy and I recently lost my daughter Brianna in a fatal car accident, she had a baby boy Kayden that was one and a half years old two days before she passed away she had my beautiful baby girl Kaylee here is now a little over 3 months old I’m in a custody battle with DSS and the other side of the family about getting my rights to my grandkids it is a mess but how do I deal with this with the loss of my daughter they say time heals everyday it gets harder and harder for me I can’t watch a TV show listen to your song on the radio or just do anything without thinking about her just playing is indescribable there is no words for it I’m just as lost as I could be I feel like meanwhile I’m trying to stay strong for my oldest daughter and my five grand babies but sometimes it’s really hard please help me and point me in the right direction I don’t know what to do I don’t know what to expect thank you sincerely,” – Brandy

I am so, so very sorry for your losses, hon. Your email actually made me cry because I know that some losses are simply unjustified and cannot be understood. Also, some losses are just so much more difficult on us than others.

Time does not heal all wounds, Brandy. It is not even a matter of what one does with that time in order to facilitate healing. Some simply leave us broken.

The pain and heartache will most likely never get better, but they will become more bearable. Just absolutely do not allow any other person to tell you how you should be grieving or that you should try to move on or let her rest. Holding on to the thoughts of memories of your daughter and trying to maintain a constant presence in the lives of her children is how you feel best to grieve. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that as each of us grieve in different ways.

The card that came up for you today, hon, was the Ten of Swords which speaks of deep wounds, loss and painful endings.

In a few months, things will begin to very slowly lighten up for you. It will be so gradual that you will not even notice it until one day you catch yourself smiling and suddenly feel guilty. Please do not allow yourself to feel guilty.

Until then, Brandy, just work to get through one single hour at a time. If that is too overwhelming at times, then shoot for 30 minutes at a time and try to work your way up from there. You will eventually be able to raise your head from the fog and slowly put one foot in front of the other.

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