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Tami Time: Divorce, Engagement and Death

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Tami Time: Psychic Tamara answers your questions

Every week I deal with questions from readers and try to help them resolve their issues by drawing a tarot card and reading what it means for them. If you would like to submit your question to me, email me at TamiTime@7thSensePsychics.com.

This week in Tami Time, Rebecca needs to know why her husband is desiring a divorce, Anonymous is due a promotion at work but faces a seemingly insurmountable obstacle, Janet questions accepting a marriage proposal she received on Christmas Day and the Death card turned up for Emma when looking at her question about her marriage.

“Why does my husband want to divorce me” – Rebecca

Hon, the card that turned up to offer you some answers was the Five of Pentacles. Through this card, it is being shown to me that your husband has quite simply fallen out of love with you. Part of this is that he is now struggling to see the future with you as he has grown quite restless and somewhat anxious about where he wants to go from here in his own life. He no longer sees you as a part of his long-term plan; however, this is far more about him and where he is in his life than it is about you.

Your card today is indicating a loss of long-range vision within your husband. He is much more focused on the here and now and doing some things that he has been wanting to do for a long time. You will notice over the next 24-27 months your husband will implement many new changes in his life ranging from his work/career to his clothes to how he spends his free time.

He has grown bored and feels stagnant/stuck and is just looking to make some big changes to “fix it”. While the cards say this, sweetie, to fully understand and get the answers you truly need and desire, you would have to talk with your husband.

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“Hi Tami. I’m supposed to be receiving a promotion at work but the person who currently holds that position has been putting off retirement. In addition, she has been bullying me and others. The work environment has been especially stressful as she is not an advocate for peace and as a result, everyone gets fed up and upset constantly, myself included. Please let me know when she will leave and the environment will finally begin to settle. I’f not for awhile, please let me know how to deal with this uncomfortable energy.” – Anonymous

The best way to “deal” with her is to try and befriend her. Be her own personal cheerleader and offer her some support, patience and understanding. I know that may sound rather crazy considering how she chooses to treat people, but she is alone and isolated in her personal life. Her work is pretty much all that she feels she has, even if she has a spouse and children as well as possibly some grandchildren. For so many years, she has defined herself by her work/career. Once she retires, she has no clue who she will be and what she will do.

This is being expressed to me through her energy as well as the card that turned up, Ace of Swords. This card says that she will not retire until she can see and realize the benefits of retirement. Right now, though, she sees retirement as losing herself and her sense of purpose.

As I focus solely on her, I am seeing a lonely, bitter woman much like Shirley MacLaine’s character Ouiser Boudreaux in “Steel Magnolias”. As Ouiser said in the cemetery scene, “I’m not crazy, I’ve just been in a really bad mood for 40 years!” That is your coworker, and this bad mood was bred by her always choosing to put her career before everything else in her life and now she feels lost at the prospect of retirement.

If someone will step up who does not have any emotional stake in her future and helps her to open her mind to the limitless possibilities, then it will only take about six to nine months to put her on the path to being fully retired within one year. But it cannot be a relative or close friend as all of those people seem to have a personal motive in her mind and she will not listen to them. They have been telling her for years to consider retiring. She needs an unconditional supporter and cheerleader.

“Yes my name is janet I been with my partner for 10 years I have been living with him & his mother for 3 years ,he purpose to me on Christmas day I Love him but. Tami I feel like i”m confuse I didn’t feel like i”m ready to get married I feel he has secrets, his mother do not approve of me like a daughter in law we talk but not a in law should can u please shine some light on my situation am I making the right decision????” – Janet

Sweetie, the first thing that jumps out to me is that you are placing too much importance on the shared relationship with your partner’s mother. It actually is not the norm for a parent-in-law to have the kind of relationship with their child’s spouse that I feel through your energies you are desiring, especially when it comes to mothers and their baby boys.

In her mind, you are quite simply stealing her baby. Mothers and their sons usually have a very unique connection just as many daddies and their baby girls. Your partner’s mother’s momma bear instincts will always be up as she wants nothing but the best for her baby and to protect him at all times and at all costs. She is possessive and moderately controlling. This is only exacerbated by the fact you and your partner are living with her. You are all entirely too close in proximity and she is constantly lording over you and your shared connection with her son as well as she has her nose in every aspect of your lives at this time.

With the Five of Swords coming up reversed for you today, hon, I am seeing that as long as you and your partner are living with her, you are not making the right decision as this situation will only get worse once your union becomes official. I am sorry, sweetie, but if you truly love him and want to make things work between you for the long-term, you gotta find a way to stand alone as a couple completely away from her influence.

If you do this, though, keep in mind that she will always be his mommy and they will talk often no matter where you and he are living. She will always have some influence over him and to some extent, you.

“Dear Tami,
I have been married to my husband 10 years this years. This man has stayed by my side through all my health issues. When he didn’t have to. However when I found out he was having an intimate conversations with other females. My question I guess is has he lied to me about any others, has he cheated on me and is it worth me staying by his side? I’m not saying that I have been perfect because I haven’t been. However I have never lied to him nor hid things from him.
Thank you,” – Emma

Hon, Death turned up when looking at your concerns about your husband and your marriage. This is not at all a bad thing, rather it could be something very good if you allow it. This card is not to herald the death of your marriage, but rather the death of your marriage as you have known it.

This is an opportunity for you and your husband to rededicate yourselves to each other and your sacred union, do some work, make some changes and get things back on solid footing and ultimately a much better long-term trajectory. I am seeing one time, about three to five years ago when your husband came close to physically cheating on you and your vows, but he stopped himself. Other than that, he has been completely faithful physically; however, there have been other times when he was emotionally and mentally intimate with another that you do not know about. Part of this has been due to him being lonely and feeling he can no longer open up to you. Part of it was in retaliation to some of the wrongs he feels you have committed, and a small part was him just testing the waters to see how he really feels about you after all that each of you and your shared union has been through.

You are right, he did not have to stand by you nor do you have to stand by him, but I feel you BOTH owe it to each other, but more importantly to yourselves, to expend some effort to work through this TOGETHER and come out the other side stronger as a couple and more committed to each other as well as strengthen your bond. This needs to be used as a learning experience for you to each step back and take a very objective view of yourselves and your marriage. Have several open and brutally honest conversations about what you each desire and need to make this work, then follow through and just do what needs to be done.

I feel you each have it within you to work through this together and come out on a much higher plane when all is said and done. This marriage could most definitely succeed for the duration and you could each be quite happy with one another with some work and focused effort. The energy between you is still good and the potential is definitely there, as is the desire on both parts (yours and his).

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