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Tami Time: Financial Struggles Causing Stress

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Tami Time: Psychic Tamara answers your questions

Every week I deal with questions from readers and try to help them resolve their issues by drawing a tarot card and reading what it means for them. If you would like to submit your question to me, email me at TamiTime@7thSensePsychics.com.

In Tami Time this week, Sylvia struggles to think positive about money, Daniela keeps seeing repetitive numbers, Clarence seeks a better financial situation, Sammi wonders about making the right choices for the family and Cheryl questions her living situation.

“I am a single mom who has been struggling a lot financially for the last few years. I know I am supposed to think positively about the money I have and that it will always be there but it’s difficult for me to have that belief because as soon as I manage to save a few dollars an unexpected expense shows up. Although I try to train my mind to believe that more financial freedom will come to me, my soul doesn’t seem to believe in it. How can I align my thought with my soul to obtain the abundance I wish for?” – Sylvia

As a single mother and grandmother receiving no outside assistance, I understand your situation all too well, hon. It is not easy to always be focused on the positive because the negative is just easier and more comfortable for some.

Even I recently struggled with remaining positive just a few weeks ago when faced with a large but much-needed expense. I let myself slip about 48 hours before the deadline and was quite distraught. Yet, as happens every time, the money was there and just in the nick of time.

It takes a lot of focused effort and a complete overhaul of your own thought process. Studies have proven that it takes 21 days to replace a bad habit with a good one.

There are many, many guided meditations and subliminal messages found online to help you retrain your mind. Both would be very good at engaging your soul as well. You may want to consider utilizing some more mystical methods to find financial peace and knowing in your soul such as incorporating some candle magic, incense or essential oils into how you manifest the money. Each of these will speak to your soul because the use of each is more on a spiritual or mystical plane (soul) rather than the logical (mind).

When faced with any kind of expense, be it rent, utilities, whatever – no matter how big or how small – I make note of the expense and the date it must be met then I just set it aside and do not give it another thought other than simply knowing it will be paid. Once paid, I actually celebrate having been able to pay it. This is usually by simply expressing aloud how good it felt and how thankful I am.

You say that as soon as you manage to save any money, an unexpected expense comes up. Hon, you needed the money and it was there. That is positive.

I give thanks whether it be for $10 to put in the gas tank or several hundred dollars to cover rent. Each is a financial victory in itself and should be honored, acknowledged, celebrated. This will engage your mind as well as your soul.

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“I see patterns of numbers and repeatedly. What is my message?” – Daniela

Hon, it depends on which numbers you are seeing repeated. For example, continually seeing 11:11 indicates a new beginning on the horizon or a wish that will soon be granted. If you often see the number four repeated, it could mean potential family and/or home concerns.

A conversation with Susan Z. who writes our weekly numerology column could help shed some light on the specific numbers you are seeing.

“My question is will my financial situation start to get any better anytime soon.” – Clarence

Thank you, very much, for the holiday wishes, hon. Mine was quite lovely, and I do hope the same for you.

In looking at your question about your finances, I drew The Lovers which indicates the need for better, more informed choices. This does not mean you have made poor choices thus far; it only means that you may sometimes act or spend money without thoroughly considering the situation.

This applies not only to how you spend your money, but to how you make it as well. Is your current source of income sufficient and balanced? By balanced, I mean pay to hours worked ratio, work environment, commute, etc. If any of these is negative, that can have a direct influence on your attitude toward money thus creating an unstable situation.

Also, say you make $24 an hour and you are looking to buy a new leather jacket for $200. How many hours will you need to work to pay for that jacket that you may or may not wear very often?

I do see your financial situation getting better, but not without much focused effort on your part and doing more consideration before making any purchase larger than $100.

“Am I making the right choices for my family” – Sammi

The Emperor, reversed, came up for your question, Sammi. This indicates that you need to be a bit more open to allowing the experiences of others to help guide you.

I see that, for the most part, you do make the right choices, but sometimes you may not have all the information or may limit your outlook a bit. Never be afraid or embarrassed to seek advice or guidance from others. If you do not have a good support system, then seek one out online. There are groups for pretty much any topic and situation you can imagine online.

“Hello I’m living alone should I keep it that way?” – Cheryl

Cheryl, if you can easily afford it, yes. Do continue living alone. The Empress coming up for your question tells me that you have a pretty well-set routine and that you may have difficulty relaxing and sharing your space with someone else.

If you find yourself feeling bored or lonely or just need some companionship, invite someone over. But try to keep your living space personal to yourself for now.

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    1. Daniela, I’m sorry but your submission was way too broad and general. If you will email me something more speecific, such as the numbers you keep seeing, I will address it for you that way.
      Blessings, hon.

    2. I really just been a mess for a long time and looking for a way to give me fix my life financially I’m not making it on my own I don’t want to have to rely on a man to always take care of me what’s my next step

      1. Anonymous, please submit your question to TamiTime@7thsensepsychics.com to allow equal consideration to all. I am not able to answer questionins in the comments. I’m sorry and I thank you for commenting.

  1. I’ve been sending money to the man I love her is in the amy in Iraq and Afghanistan. Trying to get him home so we can be together.. I’ve been alone sence my husband passed away in 2013 and my son Passed away 2018. He is the only one I want to be with.. So please I need to know if he is coming home at the end of this month.

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