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Tami Time: Finding Comfort and Security in the Darkness

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Tami Time: Psychic Tamara answers your questions

Every week I deal with questions from readers and try to help them resolve their issues by drawing a tarot card and reading what it means for them. If you would like to submit your question to me, email me at TamiTime@7thSensePsychics.com.

It seems odd and does not always make sense, but sometimes we find comfort in uncomfortable, even painful, situations. The darkness and negativity can give us an odd sense of security at times. The longer we are there, the harder it is to remove ourselves from these unhealthy situations. Such is a common thread in a couple of our emails this week.

Angela was recently contacted by her biological father whom walked out on her when she was a child 44 years ago, Michael can’t let go of a woman who won’t let go of her husband, Red is trying to decide between work and retirement and Anxious in Texas fears going back to work.

“I have not seen my dad since I was about 11 this is about 44 years ago . Recently he sent me a request on social media . I didn’t accept but sent him a note with contact details . He hasn’t replied . Why did he contact me . I have struggled with relationships all my life for to this and am scared of rejection . My question is why contact me and will I ever have a relationship. Thanks” – Angela

Angela, your father is most likely fearing rejection just as much as you and I am sensing he saw you not accepting his social media request as rejection. PLEASE finish reading before thinking I am trying to defend him as I am not. He knows what he did to you 44 years ago was terribly wrong and I feel that he has been struggling greatly with that decision for the last few years.

The card that came up for you was the Queen of Swords. This lovely lady touches on a few aspects of your life with the main being your struggles in romantic relationships. She speaks of you seeking out men to fill the void left by your father. I am seeing you desire a strong, reliable man who can help you and support you, not necessarily financially, just as a person and life partner. You hold very high expectations for this person and when he does not measure up, you are quick to look for a reason to bail. If things do go well, you unwittingly self-sabotage.

With regard to your father, this card encourages you to give him the benefit of the doubt but have clear boundaries going in should you choose to try and build any kind of connection with him.

I am seeing that something of great significance happened in your father’s life a few years ago and he has since been very seriously struggling with seeking you out. More recently, another event has occurred which is what ultimately prompted him to do what he considered “safe” which was to send you a friend request.

You will have a good and balanced romantic relationship in time, but you must first work through a few past traumas, not the least of which being what your father did to you 44 years ago and again just recently by reaching out after so many years of silence. I see that you have tried a few times to deal with this in the past but for whatever reason you either were not completely ready, gave up too soon or you were just plain scared to let go of something that had been such a tremendous part of your life for so many years (the pain).

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“Am I waiting in vain for this young lady who supposedly separated from her husband? I keep telling myself to forget her, but the thoughts/images of us together keep popping up randomly.“ – Michael

Hon, the card I drew for you was the Four of Pentacles which offers a couple of reasons for why you cannot let go and move on. The thing that stands out the most is that you feel safe as far as what she expects of you. On some level you know that she will not leave her husband and be with you in a more committed romantic connection. Therefore, she is safe.

She also offers you security because she will continue to be in your life while still with her husband to some degree as long as you allow it because you bring something to her life that her husband does not and she has come to rely on that.

I am sorry to say, but yes, you are waiting in vain.

“My existing job is severely poisoning me mentally and emotionally. I can’t go back there …. it is literally killing me to the point of a mental breakdown. When better/well, should I look for a new job or check into early retirement? ” – Red

Hon, I am one who thinks that we should always have an eye out for something bigger and better work-wise no matter how we feel about our current positions. There is always the potential for progress and forward movement.

The card that came up for you, Red, was the reversed Six of Swords. Two of the most basic meanings of this card reversed are unfinished business and transition. The unfinished business tells me it is not quite time for early retirement. Maybe semi-retirement, but not full retirement as I am seeing you most likely could not support yourself financially in full retirement. Also, I am getting that after about four months, you would just be bored and frustrated. While you are in a dark place now, I am seeing that taking retirement would make you feel better, thus after a short period of time, you would grow to miss being around people.

With the indication of transition, I am seeing you securing a new job that is similar to things you have done in the past, but you will also learn something new. Please do not allow that to intimidate you as I am seeing you would actually enjoy what you will learn.

During your search for new employment, look into various resources to help you financially until you are able to secure something new as I am seeing it may take you several weeks to find a replacement job. I also strongly urge you to talk with a healthcare professional about your mental state as I am feeling job-related depression around you in addition to the anxiety you wrote of. Larger metropolitan areas often have mental health resources that provide services and medications at greatly reduced rates, especially with the current pandemic. I am seeing more and more affordable (even free) mental health resources.

“I’ve been hired on as a waitress in a new restaurant out of town but I haven’t worked since 2015 and the mere thought of having to go back to work makes my anxiety go through the roof!!! I’m not used to having a set schedule for doing things and I’m sabotaging myself in the process by making up excuses as to why I can’t start working yet. I’m 51 yrs old and I’m not as fast or as sharp as I used to be and that makes me nervous!! What can I do to get over this horrible anxiety? I take medication as needed but don’t want to be a walking zombie so to speak while I’m working. HELP! ” – Anxious in Tx

Howdy, Neighbor!! (I’m in the Texas panhandle). The first thing I suggest you do is hit up the thrift store and buy a large tray and some glassware then practice at home as much as you can. Be prepared to clean up a few messes, but I really think the practice will give you more confidence.

I drew the Five of Pentacles, reversed, for you, hon which tells me you will be so much happier and at peace through working outside your home, even if only a few hours a week. This card also speaks a bit on being more financially independent.

I understand so much more than you can imagine the anxiety caused by the mere idea of working outside the home after such a long time. I also sense that some of that anxiety is borne of the idea of having to keep more of a schedule as well as simply leaving the environment in which you are the most comfortable (your home).

But, hon, it just needs to be done. I have faith and confidence in you and am lighting a special purple candle to help you find some success.

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