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Tami Time: Psychic Tamara answers your questions

Every week I deal with questions from readers and try to help them resolve their issues by drawing a tarot card and reading what it means for them. If you would like to submit your question to me, email me at TamiTime@7thSensePsychics.com.

Each of us has own cross to carry in one way or another. What may seem trivial to one person, could be a two-ton weight on the shoulders of another. While two people may have similar struggles, the battle each endures is very different because the people involved are very different. Each of us has a different mindset, a different skill set and very different coping skills.

One woman could easily bounce back from a long-term, unhappy marriage while another may not such as Michelle who wants to move on from a long-term marriage but has fears Then we have Karyna who is feeling quite down. Some may tell her to just shake it off and move on, but it is just not that easy for many of us. Also, this week, Nancy seeks some peace for her adult autistic son while Cutey is holding on to a dead-end relationship.

“I’ve recently separated after being married for 16 years. I don’t see us getting back together. I have been talking to other men. Everything I’ve been through scares me. What does my future look like?” – Michelle

It is truly difficult getting back out there to meet new people, friends and otherwise, after being married to the same person for so very long. Dating and single life in general are simply no longer the same.

The Ten of Pentacles, reversed, came up in looking at your question about your future, Michelle. Through this card, it is being stressed to not waste any time – and especially money – with online dating as some of your well-meaning friends and a couple of relatives may have suggested.

You need to be a bit more old-fashioned at placing yourself in the right place at the right time. Much later this year, when all of this major health concern has subsided, I foresee you meeting two potentially very significant persons.

One will come through your regular everyday routine and may well surprise you in some way. I see this meeting taking place through an errand such as getting gas for your vehicle or grocery shopping. Just something you generally do almost every day.

The other person looks to come through somewhat of a large social function in a church-type setting, but it is not actual church or a religious ceremony.

Each person will have much to offer and each will be patient as you very slowly work your way back into singledom.

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“I read your replies to people every week. i love your empathy towards people..You’re so professional..
I am feeling really down lately. i was wondering could you pick card and see will things change..
thank you” – karyna

Karyna, I first want to extend my truly heart-felt appreciation for you reading this article each week and your wonderfully kind words.

I am feeling a heaviness around you right now and I have no doubt this new *temporary* normal under which we are all living is only making your situation worse.

With the reversed Seven of Cups coming up for you, hon, I see that you have no loss of ideas and things you could do in an effort to make some positive changes, but obstacles keep being thrown up in your way.

Among those obstacles, I am seeing some financial restrictions as well as a small fear of getting out and doing something on your own. Most of the people with whom you could do something always seem to have other obligations such as family, work, etc. So, I strongly suggest you just get out and make some new friends.

With the current pandemic concerns, I suggest you start by looking into some local Facebook groups on topics that interest you but are based in your local region. Forming online connections with people who already have interests similar to yours will give you something to look forward to each day simply by reading through the various news feeds.

But, hon, there is something much more important I would like to briefly touch on and that is the strong possibility of you slipping into a serious depression. I feel it around you. It happens to the best of us and more often than not, without us even realizing it. There are countless causes for depression and our current social, health and economic restrictions are creating the perfect storm when coupled with the fact you were already feeling rather low.

I very strongly urge you to speak with at least one mental healthcare professional about how you have been feeling. One very good benefit resulting from this current pandemic and the social isolation is that every single health insurance company, a vast majority of churches and any number of other organizations are stepping up to offer free services to people who are feeling worse than the norm mentally and emotionally. Please, look into this and soon, hon.

“I have an autistic child, 22 years old. Things are pretty tough sometimes with him. He’s non verbal so he gets aggressive when he’s in pain or discomfort. Do you see him calming down in the future, more relaxed at least? Also can you tell me if I will be a home owner, or own my own property anytime soon? Thank you,” – Nancy

Hon, I have no doubt that you may feel you have explored all avenues in an attempt to find ways to help calm your son. I see that you have done exhaustive efforts to that end. But I do know you are very close to finding something that will help. I can feel through your energies that you came across a solid suggestion about six to nine months ago that you dismissed either because you were told it was illegal or immoral. Revisit it! I am seeing that it was neither illegal nor immoral, just very new.

With this being a medical concern, I am extremely limited as to what I can say on it. I’m sorry. But I do feel you are on the right path.

As for you owning your own home/property, the wonderful Temperance card up. Unfortunately, she was reversed which only indicates a delay. But I do see it happening for you and I am hearing within the next seven years.

“There is a man in and out of my life. I have known him about ten years. When we are together physically it is magic. Chemistry and passion. But he is not ready to settle down. He insists that he wants to make sure his finances are in order first. He said he wanted no strings till then. He moved up north for a job. We chatted for awhile. He made me laugh as usual. The connection between us is so strong. I swear we are soulmates. But he seems afraid. He backs off when we get too close. What do you think?” – Cutey

Hon, ten years and he still does not have his stuff together. He is seriously just stringing you along, I am very sorry to say. He has zero intention of settling down and committing to you now, next year or next decade. No matter how much money he accumulates and how financially secure he becomes, it simply is not going to happen.

Cutey, this is only confirmed by the Five of Swords which depicts a victorious warrior holding all of the swords he can carry while brandishing one high above his head in victory. Basically, “the one with the most toys wins.” That is the very energy I am getting around your guy friend.

I am very sorry, but it is time for you to just move on.

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  1. How about you move on. Move on from sending fake spirtual messages to me acting like its general. How about you take your won advice.
    Spirtual leaders do not force their negative opinions on people by trying to persuade them.
    Get a life and stop sending me this message @ Tami

    1. Histwin, you should take your own advice and move on. No one forces you to read anything that I, or any other person, writes and posts. Don’t like it? Don’t read it. That simple. There are clear instructions to unsubscribe in each email and if that does not work, you are encouraged to contact customer service to have yourself removed from future mailings. If nothing else works, your email has filter options so unwanted messages can be sent directly to the trash folder, even though you used a fake email to post this comment. Thank you for taking the time to comment and share your own, individual, opinion.
      Blessings and healing to you.

    2. She’s rite he’s feeding you broken promises. Because he is broken. The one that protects gods earth which he gave us children. She’s the one that holds all the swords. Keep moving

      1. Thank you, very much, Shawn Kay Smith for taking time to read this article and share your thoughts.

    1. Mamie, I appreciate you taking time to comment, but all questions/concerns must be submitted by email to TamiTime@7thsensepsychics.com to allow equal consideration for all seeking a card pull and inclusion in the weekly article.
      Thank you and blessings.

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