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Every week I deal with questions from readers and try to help them resolve their issues by drawing a tarot card and reading what it means for them. If you would like to submit your question to me, email me at TamiTime@7thSensePsychics.com.

This week, Amber writes in asking about the potential of a new romantic relationship with a friend, Denatalie is struggling in many areas of her life and needs to get on track, C.L. wonders if he will come back and L.M. has a marital quandary.

“Right now I’m currently focusing on myself, my spiritual growth, mental clarity, and just really working on myself. I am staying out of relationships for the time being, but I have a friend, that has evolved into a friend with the occasional benefits. As I said I am staying away from relationships for the time being, but I am beginning to feel a connection between us. I’m scared considering the emotional trauma I endured in the recent past. I guess I’m just curious to if this could ever evolve into something other than just friends? And that if it does, should I just go all in or keep myself reserved?” – Amber

I am so very glad you are taking this time, hon, to regenerate yourself and gain some clarity after what you wrote of before. You definitely need it, and I am seeing the next six to eight months will bring about much progress and spiritual as well as emotional growth.

The Eight of Swords came up in looking at your question indicating that anything more than what you and this friend share now would be to your own detriment. Try to set that out of your mind and just enjoy what you have between you now. The next few months are all about you, hon. In December of this year, I see you meeting someone new and quite special, though. So, get ready.

“Hello I’m Denatalie how is my legal matters this year going with also job and health with new places without mate for 20yrs” – Denatalie

Denatalie, I am not able to advise or speak on legal matters or health issues; however, I can tell you a bit about a new job. The reversed Five of Pentacles turned up indicating a great lack of spiritual and emotional security around you. I am seeing that you have lost your faith of late and are feeling somewhat depressed. That is all certainly understandable given what is going on in your life. This card also indicates that you will be able to secure a better paying job, but probably not until the end of May.

For now, work hard to get yourself back on track. Regain your relationship with your spiritual self and your higher power. Also, do many very deep dives on looking for this new job focusing more on company-specific websites in addition to the jobs boards like monster and indeed. I feel the job you are desiring will be found on a company website rather than a massive jobs board.

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“Will he come back to me?” – CL

Sweetie, there is about a 30% chance he will return to you, but he will take great advantage of the fact that you want him back so badly and begin to place many demands on you and gain full control of your relationship and most of your own life. This is being stressed strong by The Emperor reversed.

If he does come back, you will not want him as much as you may think you do right now because there will be a complete imbalance in the power for any kind of relationship you may have. I’m sorry, hon.

“Hi Tami, my question concerns my marriage…we’ve been having issues for some time now, should I keep trying and not give up? Or do you feel our time is up? Thanks.” – LM

Oh, hon, in most situations similar to yours, I always encourage the couple give it one final try before letting go and divorcing thus moving on. But the Ten of Swords came up for you stating that your wounds run deep and wide. Trying one more time will only make that all worse and you would only be resisting an inevitable end. I am sorry, sweetie, but this card says it is time to let go.

Please allow yourself about seven months from the day your divorce is finalized to try and build a romantic relationship with anyone new as you simply will not be ready until then and any attempts to be serious with someone before that time would be doomed to failure.

This truly makes me sad as I can feel how you have been struggling and hurting for some time. But I promise it will get better, hon.

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