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Tami Time: Psychic Tamara answers your questions

Every week I deal with questions from readers and try to help them resolve their issues by drawing a tarot card and reading what it means for them. If you would like to submit your question to me, email me at TamiTime@7thSensePsychics.com.

This week in Tami Time, we hear from Tessie who longs for just the right man, C as she is feeling a strong connection with her coworker, Susan and her man may be going through the seven year itch while Ashley asks if she and her person of interest will be together this year.

“My name is Tessie, and I’m wondering if I’ll ever find the man I so want to have in my life, that holds my interest, and is a good man that won’t give up on me. And if so, when will this take place???” – Tessie

Hon, through the reversed King of Pentacles which turned up for you, I am seeing that you have two big obstacles toward finding the man you most desire as a romantic partner. This King speaks of you having an attitude toward finance that often poses a problem in that you do not make much money, you do not feel you are capable of making much money or you are very much in debt. Whatever this financial issue may be, your attitude over it is standing in the way as it gives you a poor view of yourself and fears of how the man may see you in a negative way … as though you are not worthy of him.

The other issue I am seeing is that you are often too quick to dismiss a potential romantic partner and usually for some insignificant concern. You are self-sabotaging because you do not feel you could be the partner he most needs and desires.

Working through these two concerns and fully dealing with each will open the door to you meeting almost your perfect romantic partner. I say “almost” because no person will check off all your boxes, but he will be darn good. As you begin to make significant progress at overcoming these obstacles, you will meet him within five months. The timing ultimately depends on you and the work you do to let these negative thought processes go.

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“Hi Tami.
Your warmth in your replies makes you such an approachable person. I hope you can help me if you have time to reply. I’m in love with a person who is currently in a relationship. He’s so kind and loving towards me and being vulnerable and never having experienced such kindness has made me fall in love with him. We work very closely together and I know he cares for me too – he’s with someone so I don’t know if we will ever be together. I was told by a reader that the person I would meet would worship the ground I walk on. This man says this to me all the time. Is he for me? Do I wait? In my opinion he is what I feel is the perfect man.” – C

Thank you for the wonderful comment, hon. The Lovers card turned up as I was looking into your situation with this coworker. This is a wonderful sign, but it is also a double-edged sword as he is currently involved with someone.

Your card tells of a strong connection between you and an excellent potential for a solid, long-term romantic connection. However, other energies around him indicate that it will be quite some time before his current relationship ends. While I do understand why people engage in extracurricular activities (I actually had an affair with a married man years ago), I never advocate or encourage them. That being said, I am not seeing that you nor he are really the kind of people to engage in an affair. You both have higher expectations and desires than to settle for an affair.

The potential and connection are there, but this card also strongly indicates that you will meet someone new and even better before this man is able to pursue anything romantic with you.

I suggest that you not wait, hon.

“Hi my name is Susan and my boyfriend is Joey. We been getting into a lot of arguments lately and the passion has fizzled out between us for intimacy. We been together for 5 years and we both love each other very much. I just dont know if he was meant to be my life partner and if we will ever get married. Is he and will he? If not, is there someone new coming into my life and when? ” – Susan

In looking at your current relationship with Joey, Susan, I am first getting that the two of you are experiencing the “seven year itch”. This happens anytime between years five and ten of a fully committed romantic relationship.

The card I drew for you was reversed Page of Wands which indicates things could go either way here depending upon your own desires and commitment to making things work with Joey. The overall connection could be very much improved by the two of you changing things up. You have fallen into a very predictable routine and have become complacent. Overcoming the seven year itch is more a matter of being patient and greatly improving your communication with each other.

While the potential for you and Joey to eventually work through all of this together, I am seeing very little chance that he will ever marry you. I’m sorry.

“I want to know whether or not Glenn and I will be together in 2021?” – Ashley

The card I drew for you today, Ashley, was the Nine of Wands which indicates a very strong potential for you and Glenn to be together starting in May of this year. The catch, though, is that you will need to very much step out of your comfort zone and take some chances to just make it happen between you and Glenn. But have boundaries and do not come on too strong so as to not scare him off.

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