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Tami Time: Psychic Tamara answers your questions

Every week I deal with questions from readers and try to help them resolve their issues by drawing a tarot card and reading what it means for them. If you would like to submit your question to me, email me at TamiTime@7thSensePsychics.com.

There are countless varied views on what happens to us after we die. Who is to say whether your own personal beliefs are right or wrong? What you feel and choose to believe is what is right for you and it is grossly unfair to try and force those views on any other person.

I received an email from Patricia this week who has found herself caught between grieving her son in her own way and the personal beliefs of those in her circle.

I also heard from Liz who is considering taking a chance with her credit score to buy a house with her brothers, Priya questions the reality of her long-distance love and Anonymous who wonders if they will ever break free of their addictions.

“Hi, my name is Patricia I just lost my son 3 months ago. I don’t know if it was an accidental or intentionally but I believe I’ll never know the truth but my question is I want to know if hes in heaven and ok. I want him to be in peace but I cry everyday for him and people tell I’m not letting him rest but I’ve talked to God and him that I want him to rest in peace and if I cry it’s because I’m hurting and mising him, not because I don’t want him to rest I do hope he’s resting. I’m just a mother who is hurting because of the hole situation.” – Patricia

Hon, the first and most important thing I must say to you is to not listen to these people any further. Each of us grieves in our own way and crying and holding on to the memories of your much-loved son are in no way keeping him from being at peace.

The card I drew for you was the Four of Pentacles which speaks of the comfort you find in holding on to your son’s memory and revisiting items and momentos from his life.

Cry and hold on as long as you feel the need just be very careful to know the boundaries and do not allow yourself to sink so low in the sadness that you cannot find your way out.

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“I am living with my son now but my 3 brother’s want to get a house with me and my son cause I have perfect credit but my brother’s can be a lot to handle so I am really confused on what to do please answer my question I need help thankyou so much I appreciate it I love you’re work” – Liz

Thank you, very much, for your kind words, Liz. I also greatly appreciate you taking time to read these weekly postings and emailing me.

I drew the reversed Two of Pentacles for you, hon, which serves as somewhat of a warning. Seriously think this decision all the way through before putting your good name on the line and possibly ending up with a huge house payment and insurance that you and your son cannot afford on your own.

If your brothers are as difficult as you say, then it is highly likely that one or more will up and leave out of anger or for any other number of petty reasons.

“Hi Tami,

All my life I resisted to marry anyone and lived an independent life alone…then in 2017 I met this guy online and later in person who seems to be my soulmate, the answer to my prayers…I really love everything about him, respect him and want to be with him…he said he was single, does not smoke…but later on confessed to me he is married but does not live with wife…has a son who lives with wife, smokes etc…as I already was deeply in love with him, I was ok with it…He travels a lot and we have not met since one year…
He is in regular contact, says he loves me and that am his inner goddess, his wishes worship…but he not never allowed me to meet or speak with anyone from his family, his friends, work collegues…has sent me pics of his family, son, his childhood and young age…we have exchanged about 200 plus emails since we met in 2017 June…

But no committment to tell me about his past, moving in me with me or getting married…ge promised many times, says sorry and asks me to be patient and one day we will be together…

Do I have any future with him…is he real or lying…

Thank you.” – Priya

Unfortunately, Priya, I must say that this person is not in any way real. I am sorry, hon, but he is just stringing you along for his own personal benefit and enjoyment.

The card that turned up for you was the Eight of Cups which speaks quite loudly of disappointment and you escaping into an alternate reality in convincing yourself that he is being sincere. It pains me to have to tell you that you are only fooling yourself in thinking that he will eventually follow through on any of his promises.

“Will I ever be able to break my addictions and leave a life of peace.. That I will finally live a life of abundance” – Anonymous

Hon, to be quite blunt … it all depends upon just how badly you want this. Only you can make it happen through your own focused and determined efforts and simply doing what needs to be done be it rehab, counseling, whatever.

In looking at you, I drew the Nine of Pentacles. One of the most basic meanings of this card is self-sufficiency and another is abundance. This tells me that you most definitely have it within you to do exactly as you ask. Anything is possible if you want it badly enough.

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  1. I’ve been in a unhealthy marriage since 2005 and sadly I believe this the end of our marriage. My husband has a daughter who is now 18 years old (from a previous life) as I have a 29 year old daughter from my previous husband. I love my husband dearly but his way of handling his daughters behavioral misguided ways is not realistic. I’ve been hurt emotionally (never physically) since he got custody of his daughter in 2004. I wish he could cut the apron strings from his life! I would never ask him to pick me over her; however I would had like to been treated with more respect with my opinions!! So what do you think will happen to us? We are currently living separately with his daughter in custody of the county due to her behavior and authority problems.

  2. I am with a guy who i is not committed in marriage and does not want to, is it because he does not want me to claim his things if anything happens or that he is just not into me enough to marry me or is it that his family tells him no. I think they are incest, please tell me this is not so. Well i ever be happy with him, i been with him as his gf for 16 years now and i always wonder if we will be forever

  3. I’m currently seeing a guy who I’m crazy about, but…hes eerily like my ex husband who I can barely stand. I want to break free sometimes so bad and other times I feel so loved by him I feel I cant ask for anything more. Help. Dawn Bogue

    1. Thank you, Dawn, for posting a comment but I am not able to address questions here on the story board. Please email me at TamiTime@7thsensepsychics.com to have your question considered for a future posting.
      Thank you and blessings.

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