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Tami Time: Psychic Tamara answers your questions

Every week I deal with questions from readers and try to help them resolve their issues by drawing a tarot card and reading what it means for them. If you would like to submit your question to me, email me at TamiTime@7thSensePsychics.com.

This week, Anonymous wonders if her neighbor will fall in love with her, Jen is being pursued by a much younger man, Shanda is looking for love, SBB questions her child’s father’s lack of involvement, Jacqueline struggles with the mother of her grandchildren while Sherri and Fonda are each caught up in cycles of cheating with their respective significant others.

“Me and my neighbor are friends with benefits but will he fall in love with me or will we just remain good friends” – Anonymous

Through the Seven of Pentacles, I am seeing that the shared connection between you and your neighbor will not ever be anything more than it is at this time. I do not foresee him falling in love with you.

“I have a young friend who has been in love with me for years. He is 20 years younger than me. I like him very much and consider him my best friend. I feel that I’m way too old for him and like I would be ruining his life by allowing anything more than friendship. Also I have no romantic feelings for him. But I also have a lot of trauma that causes me to not have romantic feelings towards anyone. Recently the thought of twin flames has been going through my mind. Is he pursuing me and I’m running? So many questions!” – Jen

Jen, I am seeing that he is pursuing you and the reversed Nine of Swords speaks of your inner struggles both with your past trauma and the possibility of him not thinking this whole thing through. I certainly understand your concerns regarding the age difference, but this card also suggests that you let go of the worry and just take a chance.

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“Will I ever find true love? Every man I come across just want one thing and leave I just want to love and be loved” – Shanda

Hon, don’t give up that one thing so easily. Hold out. Know your worth!

For your question, Shanda, I drew The Tower which speaks of you taking control of the situation and asserting your own power. Be much more mindful of how and where you meet potential romantic partners. Keep far away from bars/clubs and don’t waste your time and money with online dating. Also, leave persons from the past in the past.

Identify the exact kind of partner you desire then place yourself in the path to meet such a person. Through focused efforts, I foresee you having a quality, long-term partner by June, hon.

“Why won’t my daughters dad help me with her? His name is Cameron. I still love him and it hurts so much that he acts like she don’t exist.” – SBB

Some people, men and women alike, do not (or cannot) form an emotional attachment to their own children. This is what I am seeing around your daughter’s father, hon.

While he knows of her existence, he may even interact with her on occasion and play a bit, but he simply does not make the connection that she is a part of him.

For your situation, I drew the Ace of Pentacles, reversed, which only confirms his inability to form an attachment to your shared daughter. He probably never will, but as she gets older, he may become a bit more involved as she is able to interact with him more. But, sadly, he will most likely never be the father – and certainly never the partner – you desire and that you and your daughter need. I am sorry, hon.

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“We constantly have problems with our x daughter in law regarding our sons children will this ever stop!” – Jacqueline

Unfortunately, Jacqueline, the simple answer sadly is no. I am sensing that she is a rather controlling, vindictive and manipulative person. She holds a tremendous amount of anger from at least two situations in her past as well as toward your son. The control gives her a false sense of self-importance.

The Ace of Wands came up regarding your question, hon. This card indicates that you could make the situation a bit easier and gain some favor with your former daughter-in-law through material and monetary influence. With her, money talks. However, the more you give her and the children, be it through gifts or actual money, the more she will want and demand.

As a grandmother myself, I do understand your pain and frustration. I pray that you and she can come to some kind of agreement.

“When will Me Sherri an Roy going to get together an stay together forever happily with nobody cheating ever” – Sherri

Sherri, please forgive my bluntness, but the answer is never. I am sorry, but the groundwork has been lain and it appears as though you and Roy are not truly devoted to each other.

Through the Two of Pentacles, reversed, I see that one of you will cheat then the other may talk with someone or outright cheat just to get back at the other one. This is a cycle that will only perpetuate as long as you and Roy are together. It will even carry over into future relationships until you realize that retribution and revenge have no place in any kind of connection, be it friendly or romantic.

“I have just recently caught my boyfriend cheating on me for the third time. I am lost and I don’t know what I should do. Should I continue the relationship and believe that he will not do it again? Will he cheat again?” – Fonda

Unfortunately, Fonda, your boyfriend will not change. Ever. Things may go well between you for a few months, but the Wheel of Fortune says that temptation will soon rear its ugly head and he will fall into old habits once again.

This cycle will continue as long as you allow it. Odds are, he will carry this behavior into his next relationship and every other one after. This is simply who and how he is. The Wheel of Fortune also indicates that this is a turning point in your life. Respect yourself and command the same from your romantic partner. No one deserves to be continually cheated on.

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  1. When will there be some sort normalcy in this country? I’m tired of feeling such anxiety whenever I watch the news. I did not watch nor do I plan on watching the Impeachment process…

    1. Nellie, this is normal. The parties have not really ever gotten along. While it has grown increasingly radical on both sides, this is simply our new normal. We are encouraged to vote in order to effect change. I am all for voting, but the last election only proved that a single vote does not count.
      Thank you for taking time to comment.

  2. I truly believe that the first thingThat must change is that we need to get Trump out of the White House. He has turned so many countries against us in his four years as president and he’s more dangerous than anything else. He’s not good for our country he’s good only for himself and that’s been proven time and time again, especially with all of his people who followed his direct orders and now are either in prison or waiting to go to prison. Whether a person is from the Republican party or the Democratic party, The most important thing to keep in mind is that we are all human beings we are all in the United States as citizens and if we’re not citizens, the reason why people from other countries come here are so that they can make their lives better which is the American dream that Trump keeps talking about. Why can’t everyone be included in the American dream? It’s not about what race a person is or whether they speak English it’s about people living well together without violence without killing each other and he has only brought hate into our country which began the day after he won the election. We need to put somebody in the White House Who will not separate our country. Everybody in the Republican party so far at least in the Congress and the Senate have followed Trump like sheep – they seem to be afraid of him and I don’t know why they’re so afraid of him but they are. It’s also quite obvious that his election was completely illegal and anyway besides that let’s not do this again to our country let’s keep things above board and put someone in our office our presidency who’s going to be trustworthy and honest and love the American people as they all should be and not make it about the Republican Party VS the Democratic party.

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