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Tami Time: Psychic Tamara answers your questions

Every week I deal with questions from readers and try to help them resolve their issues by drawing a tarot card and reading what it means for them. If you would like to submit your question to me, email me at TamiTime@7thSensePsychics.com.

I have read studies that show it takes a minimum of ten meaningful touches a day for us as humans to simply survive. I know that not every living person is in a situation that provides for them such human interaction and those people do not simply drop dead as a result. But it really can make one stop and think.

These touches may be as simple as someone brushing their hand across your shoulder as they walk past or lightly touching your arm to acknowledge your presence. But, very sadly, not each of us is fortunate enough to have people around us to provide us with those small but incredibly meaningful touches.

This week in Tami Time, we hear from Xiomara who questions the recent rekindling of a former connection, Natasha is wondering about finding her true love in the new year, Pam struggles with the recent passing of her father and Margaret wonders if she will ever find true love.

“Hello, it took a year for me to get over a heartbreak and about 3 months ago I reconnected with a man from my past. We’ve been seeing each other occasionally and our chemistry is amazing. He lives upstate New York I live in Bronx New York. I have kids and he’s raising his daughter. Our schedules are mostly full and it’s a little difficult for us to see each other more often. He wants to take things slow with no labels and see where it takes us. My question is am I wasting my time? Thank you in advance” – Xiomara

Hon, the reversed Page of Cups came up for you indicating that you need to step back and look at this overall situation much more objectively. This card also says that you have been ignoring or discounting your own intuition.

Through this, I am seeing that you already have your answers but are either choosing to ignore them out of loneliness or whatever other reason.

Sure, he’s fun for the rare occasions that you are able to get together. He is safe in that he is at a distance and will not be placing any undue pressure on you and your time. But I am also seeing that he is hiding a few rather significant things.

To directly answer your question, I am afraid that you are wasting your time here.

If you allow yourself to be more objective in looking at this current shared connection as it is right now, you will see some big red flags.

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“Will I find my true love in the New Year? I found out my boyfriend of three years was hiding many things from me.
Thank you,” – Natasha

I do not see you finding your true love or intended life partner in the new year, hon; however, I do see a new love ahead for you. This person looks to enter your life during the month of March.

Through the reversed Page of Wands, I am seeing that you need to change things up as far as how you go about meeting new people in general, not just potential romantic partners. The person you are looking for will not be found online or through an app. Another thing being indicated by this particular card, Natasha, is that you may unknowingly find yourself comparing any new potential connections to this most recent love interest which could feed some insecurities in that you may fear your next romantic partner will also be hiding some things. Try to not allow past experiences to influence new ones going forward.

“dear tami..i am struggling with the passing of my dad on may first..nothing seems right now..and i just wondered if he has a message for me?” – Pam

I am so terribly sorry to see of your loss, hon. My heart goes out to you. Sadly, some deaths simply hit us much, much harder than others. While we never truly get over them, in time we learn how to simply go on and continue doing what needs to be done to live our own lives while still carrying a piece of them in our hearts.

The card I drew for you was The Empress, reversed. This lovely lady comes up to tell you it is ok to feel whatever it is you may be feeling. She also is urging you to lean on others if you feel the need. Do not be afraid or ashamed to cry or express how you are feeling.

Something I suggest you try is to write a letter to your father. Tell him every single thing that you may have ever held back. Tell him how much you love him and care for him. Tell him in detail how his passing has made you feel. Leave nothing out. You could even repeat some things that you told him in his life that you simply want to share with him again.

Once you have finished the letter and are satisfied that you said all that you feel needs to be said at this time, you could burn it, pack it away someplace that you could not easily stumble upon it or you could address it to your father in Heaven or wherever he believed he would be going. The post office receives thousands of such letters almost every single day.

Among the messages your father is asking that I pass along to you is that a younger female may soon be needing you more than usual, if she has not already began to express this. He is also telling me how much he thoroughly enjoys hearing your voice when you just talk aloud to him. He says you do not do it often, but he wishes you would do it a bit more. It is being indicated that he will very soon find a way to let you know of his presence around you.

He has tried this before, but you simply were not ready to receive it. But he will soon try again. Blessings and comforting energies to you, hon.

“I’m 50 and alone,,,,will I find true love before I pass away.” – Margaret

If this is something you sincerely desire, hon, then know that it will happen for you. In fact, the card that came up for you today was The Sun which speaks of success, warmth and happiness. This card also hints that the one you are looking for may be just a bit younger than you or just be quite young at heart. Either way, I am seeing that this person will always keep you guessing and life will not ever be boring with them around.

You will need to take some chances, though, in order to put yourself in the right place at the right time to encounter this person. Step outside your comfort zone and always expect the unexpected. I see it happening within the next ten months through just a little bit of effort on your part.

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  1. Ihi my one dream I am trying to full fill is to buy a house but im on disability and don’t have enough money on paper will I ever be able to full fill the American dream ?or will some one co sign for me before I get to old to enjoy it

    1. Miss B, I am not able to answer questions and provide a card reading here in the comments. Please email your question to TamiTime@7thsensepsychics.com so that everyone has an equal opportunity for consideration.
      Thank you and blessings.

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