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Tami Time: Making a Big Move, Progress and Potential Toxins

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Tami Time: Psychic Tamara answers your questions

Every week I deal with questions from readers and try to help them resolve their issues by drawing a tarot card and reading what it means for them. If you would like to submit your question to me, email me at TamiTime@7thSensePsychics.com.

Is making a big move from one state to another in the midst of a global pandemic a good idea? Alverta wants to know. Tonya is considering moving on from a new romantic connection after only three months while Brenda is ready for a new partner. We also hear from Trisha who is concerned about toxins in her home.

“The question I have, Is will I be relocating from NJ to upstate NY this year 2020? I am feeling a little leery due to the pandemic, but I am doing my best to stay positive.” – Alverta

Hon, The High Priestess, reversed, says you are most certainly right to be concerned about making this move with the current pandemic. Unfortunately, I am seeing that the health and economic concerns will be much longer lasting than what the “higher ups” are predicting.

I see the ramifications being much longer lasting and that we will be dealing with this into the new year. What I am hearing is if you can time your move around March/April 2021, the transition will be much easier for you. I see you having better options for work and a home during that time frame and I feel that many of the ramifications from the pandemic will be much calmer at that time.

Ultimately, though, you need to use your best judgement based on your employment situation and other personal/financial concerns. I do wish you the best of luck in making this move, hon.

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“Adam and I have been dating three months now and I totally understand his reasons for taking things slow. But I want to know that I am investing my time wisely. And that my effort is not for none. I am falling for Adam. He doesn’t like to talk about feelings and things. So I want to know this is going somewhere and that his feelings will be reciprocated” – Tonya

Tonya, in most dating situations, three months is not nearly long enough to determine the long-term potential of a romantic connection as it is a process and often that process takes time. The whole purpose of dating someone is to get to know them while enjoying each other and taking your time progressing hopefully together.

For almost anyone else asking me this question, I would tell them to give it more time before cutting bait and moving on. But what you say about him not liking to talk “about feelings and things” gives me pause.

If he’s not willing to discuss these things at three months, he most likely will not be willing to discuss them at three years. This is only confirmed by the Two of Swords, reversed, which quite basically indicates a stalemate. This card also indicates confusion which tells me that no matter how much time you invest with this particular person in trying to build a solid, long-term relationship, you will never know for sure how he truly feels. He will always keep you at a distance and never fully let you in.

To answer your direct question: No, this is not going anywhere, and your feelings will not be reciprocated I am sorry to say.

“I thank you for providing guidance to all of us every week. I enjoy your messages regardless if it’s what we want to hear at the moment. (Honesty)

I have been divorced for many, many years and did not feel lonely while raising my beautiful daughter. I love dancing and bowling and do socialize and have yet to meet a partner. Can you please draw a card for me? I am aware that I will be alright either way but I have a lot of love to give that special person.

Your help is greatly appreciated!

With love and light,” – Brenda

I first want to thank you for being a loyal reader and for sharing your thoughts, Brenda. I greatly appreciate all feedback, good, bad or indifferent.

Brenda, reversed Judgement came up for you which tells me that you are unwittingly sending out some rather negative energies when you do go out. This can certainly be overcome and allow you to be more open to receiving a new and potential romantic partner once you understand where these energies are coming from.

I am seeing that you have been alone for so long that you have simply become used to it.

You know that you do not need a partner to make you feel whole. You are a strong, very independent woman. Nothing wrong with any of that. The problem is in the energy you send off primarily through your body language. I sense your non-verbal cues are yelling from the rooftops that you don’t need a partner, more importantly, that you don’t want a partner. Again, nothing wrong with that unless you actually do desire a partner just for the company.

I encourage you to be more mindful of the non-verbal signals you are sending out when you go dancing and on other social outings. Be more open and flirtatious. No harm in casual flirting. But I am sensing you being quite closed off when in social situations which is sending out loud and clear that you simply are not interested. Examples, standing with your arms crossed is a clear indicator that you do not desire to be bothered. Some studies indicate that at least 90% of what we say is non-verbal.

Altering some of those little habits of which you probably are not even aware will open you up to receiving a new and potential suitor sooner than you may think.

“Hello..thanks for being such a kind soul & offering your help to me!

Are there harmful toxins in my home such as mold? Is the air safe for me & my children?

Thanks so much” – Trisha

Thank you, so very much, for your wonderful words, Trisha.

I am not able to speak on the health and welfare of you or anyone in your family, but I can tell you what I am getting around your home. The reversed Eight of Wands came up which tells me there is definitely cause for concern. As I look at your home, I am seeing that water/moisture is not being absorbed or evaporating effectively beneath your home.

It looks as though your home may have been built on an old lake bed or there are some broken pipes buried beneath your home that are causing a build-up of water which is seeping into the subfloor of your home and working its way up the walls and into the floor on which you walk.

I strongly urge you to invest in a black mold detector or have your property thoroughly inspected and soon.

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