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Tami Time: Psychic Tamara answers your questions

Every week I deal with questions from readers and try to help them resolve their issues by drawing a tarot card and reading what it means for them. If you would like to submit your question to me, email me at TamiTime@7thSensePsychics.com.

Life’s struggles vary and no two people are affected in the same way as each of us has a different tolerance level as to how much we can handle. This week, we hear from four ladies, each with her own struggle and each hurting in her own way. Paula desperately needs something to look forward to, JoAnn is heartbroken over her missing cat, Anita is hoping to be married in December and Sammie’s partner of 36 years spent $58,000 on drugs and a woman less than half his age.

“I am back at my job in fast food I had initially started five years back. I had made a few interesting friends when I first started. Rob who I believe is my soul mate. Could open up and tell him anything. I am married. But not so happy any more. He broke my heart. What I would t do to have him as a friend in my life now. Not sure if he’s still working or retired now. Haven’t heard from him in over two years now. I’m second guessing on going back to this job. Only the hours are good and I have my life back. Just the pay sucks as she started me back at the bottom again trying to get caught up on my bills and want to enjoy life a little more. Can you see anything in my life and what to look forward to.” – Paula.

Hon, the card I drew for you was the Nine of Swords, reversed, which indicates the time for change in your life is long overdue. I see that you have been struggling with what to do and which direction to take. Also, your spirit or core being has not known peace for a long time.

I’m afraid that Rob is firmly in your past but through your time knowing him, you came to see more of what you most desire in a life partner. His purpose has been served in your life and now is the time for you to work to move forward and make some progress, positive changes.

I know you are wanting something to look forward to, but nothing good is simply going to happen for you. It will only be through focused and determined efforts on your part to make good things happen.

The best place to start making positive changes would be in your work. Seek out and secure a job that is better suited to you. I feel that the one you mention above is just completely draining you. Definitely do not quit one job before you have fully secured another one as it may take a while to find something that fits you better due to the pandemic.

I am seeing that once you take position in a new job, some other areas of your life will begin to point more in a positive direction. New doors will open to you bringing in new opportunities.

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“I enjoy reading your column every week. I know this probably won’t be answered because it is about the loss of my cat.

About 9 days ago I let him out and he has not come back. I am so back and forth with my emotions. I know he is around and I understand why he left but I really need to know if he will come back home. He lost a lot of weight I think because of stress here at home (my other cat) I have reached out to 3 animal communicators to no avail. I have prayed for him and will continue to do so,I just need to know if he will be okay. I have asked God to please lead him to where he needs to be even if it wont be here,I just dont want him suffering. He is such a gentle and sweet cat. Please if you can would you shed some light on this. Thank you.” – JoAnn

Thank you, so very much, JoAnn, for being a faithful reader. I truly appreciate it. I am so terribly sorry to see of your furbaby disappearing, hon. Sadly, cats have not yet been fully domesticated and still have the need to roam from time to time. While him leaving may be in part due to your other cat, I am getting he needed to exercise his spirit as well.

It is being expressed to me that he is actually doing quite well physically. Someone is taking care of him. Unfortunately, through The Devil card I am seeing that someone has taken him in and already grown quite attached to him. This person is keeping him inside, so he is not able to return to your home. Although I say “unfortunately”, it may be a good thing in the event he would not be able to find his way home.

I honestly am feeling that he is ok and thriving physically. He misses you and your home, but I feel he will eventually adjust to his new surroundings as I am not seeing him being able to get out of his new place of residence.

“I just want to know if I will be really getting married in December like my boyfriend for almost 4yr mention? We have had a good deal of ups and downs and I kind of questioned it.” – Anita

It pains me to have to tell you, Anita, but the Five of Pentacles coming up for you indicates that it is very unlikely you and your current long-time boyfriend will be married in December. I am sorry, but I do not see that he has any intention of following through and most likely will not have such intentions for a long time to come. If at all. Again, hon, I am sorry.

“I had been with my ex since I was 13 (married 25 and together 36).
Over the years I don’t think I appreciated him for his love and kindness towards me but he also gave off HUGE red flags that were there from the beginning. 2 years ago I discovered he had spent $58,000 on drugs and a 27 year old girl. I filed for divorce but still had hope since he continued to offer me hope.
He asked me numerous times to reconcile with him.
He now has a 27 year old girlfriend who has introduced to everyone we know including our kids and his mom. He is almost 60.
I am heartbroken that he moved on so quickly and I am still mourning him and us.
Do you see him ever changing? Us being back together? Him and this new girl working out?
Me moving on and finding peace?
Please if you have any answers I would desperately Love to hear them
Thank you so much” – Sammie

Sadly, Sammie, your former husband will likely never change. For your own well-being, I am seeing that you and he will not ever be together again in any way other than as attendees at important family functions such as birthdays, etc.

On the upside, he and this young girl will not be able to go the distance. I am seeing them together for maybe another nine months when it looks as though she will most likely cheat on him.

Through the Six of Pentacles, I am seeing that in time you will be able to fully give and receive the love, passion and respect that you most deserve. Before that can happen, though, you need to close this door to the past.

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