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Tami Time: Psychic Tamara answers your questions

Every week I deal with questions from readers and try to help them resolve their issues by drawing a tarot card and reading what it means for them. If you would like to submit your question to me, email me at TamiTime@7thSensePsychics.com.

Love is blind. I have no doubt you have heard this age old saying at least once in your lifetime. You may have even lived it. There is much truth behind this old adage but that truth can be a double-edge sword. On the one hand, love being blind will enable you to look past the flaws of one who is truly deserving of love. However, being blind, some of us may fall victim to a rather negative romantic situation. This week, Renee is fortunate in that she is only having a romantic interest in a friend, but Lorraine, Shari and Gina each find themselves in quite questionable romantic connections.

“Hi Tami I’m hoping you will please pull a card for me. I’ve been in a ‘relationship’ with a man I’ve never met yet. We’ve been in a “relationship” for 3 years now. He lives in another country & he tells me he wants to come here to the US to be with me. I’ve been told in other readings he’s a player & may even be married. I need to know if I’m being a fool for believing in “us”or even if there is an “us”. I’m falling hard for this man & I do believe he loves me. Please help! I have a lot of faith in you & your readings. Thank you so much!” – Lorraine

I greatly appreciate your wonderfully kind words, hon! Made my day! I also thank you for reading the posting and taking time to email.

What I am getting is quite bittersweet. This man went into your shared connection with less-than-honorable intentions. It was a game to him and potentially profitable in that he could gain from you in some way be it financial or sexual or something else negative to you. This was confirmed by the Page of Wands; however, this card is not all bad. It also tells me that this particular man has grown to care for you in a way that he never intended.

While he does care for you, I am not feeling any degree of an emotional connection between you. At least what you are feeling for him is not being honestly reciprocated.

I am afraid that I must concur with previous readers in that he is most likely married. If he is not legally married, he is at least involved in a serious and committed romantic relationship and is very well cohabiting with his other person.

I do not see him so much as a player, but rather more like a scammer and quite manipulative. I am truly sorry to say that he does not have good intentions toward you. His words of coming to the US and being with you are empty and meant only to help him maintain some degree of control over you. Again, I am sorry, hon.

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“Hi Tami. I would like to know if my boyfriend is coming back home. Alittle info..he is a narcissist. I dont say that lightly. It has been a nitemare but i love him anyway. He is very verbally abusive. We hv only been together 5 yrs. We met in the ’70’s n lost touch for 37 yrs before we got back together. He never married n last gf was over twenty yrs ago before i got here. This has been his longest relationship. Anyway he left 3 weeks ago n no word from him for 2 weeks til i finally emailed him n the exchange hasnt been real pleasant. Thank you for listening.” – Shari

Hon, there is a very good reason why this man has never married and why it has been 20 years since his last girlfriend as well as why no other woman has stayed around as long as you have. This is who he is. This is who he always wil be. He will not ever change.

The card that turned up for you was the reversed Page of Cups which speaks quite literally of emotional immaturity. That is him. As it pertains to you, it talks about doubting yourself and your own intuition.

You know what needs to be done and I am seeing you have known for a very long time what you need to do. But it is quite difficult because you have a very strong nurturing nature about you and are one who usually goes for the underdog and will take in a wounded animal in an attempt to help it heal.

That is how you see him. You feel and believe that you will be the one out of all these many years of his romantic history to “fix” him. You feel that you can help him heal and you are not a person who gives up easily. But, hon, he does not want to heal. In fact, he does not even see anything wrong with the things he says and in his own actions. If you look back objectively at the things he has told you about his past romantic connections, you will see a pattern … none of the endings were ever his fault.

It truly pains me to have to tell you that it is time to let go, hon. It pains me because as an energy reader and empath, I can actually feel what you feel for him. But I am also able to feel him and his energies through you.

Sweetie, he will be back but only for a minute and the overall situation will most likely be even worse than it has been in the past. Please, let him go and do so knowing that you have it within you to move forward, heal and have a solid, equal romantic connection with someone much better suited to you in the future.

“Want to know if I will ever be more than friends with a man named Nicholas?” – Renee

Hon, through reversed Temperance, it is being stated that you and Nicholas are not in alignment romantically. Unfortunately, I must say no to your question. I do not sense or foresee the two of you ever being more than friends.

You are a very special person to him and in his life, but his interest in you is limited only to friends.

“Hi Tami my name is Gina and need to know if my husband who married me confidentially has another family somewhere near me.” – Gina

While focusing on you and your secret husband, hon, I drew the Two of Swords, reversed. This card indicates that you are on the right track with your suspicions. I cannot provide any details in this limited reading, but I can say there is tremendous deception around this man.

If you are in the United States, many counties have marriage and divorce statics (names and dates) available online for free. Also, the details of both are a matter of public record in most states and you may well be able to trace his history with a bit of research.

I urge you to not believe a word he says, especially about money and his fidelity. Proceed with caution where this man is concerned.

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