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Tami Time: Psychic Tamara answers your questions

Every week I deal with questions from readers and try to help them resolve their issues by drawing a tarot card and reading what it means for them. If you would like to submit your question to me, email me at TamiTime@7thSensePsychics.com.

Life and happiness prevail in this week’s Tami Time. Amy, Jennifer and Shonta are each struggling. Nicole seeks happiness while Cynthia is dealing with anxiety.

No matter who we are or where we are in life, each of us must keep in mind that true happiness can only be found within. There is a growing belief that being happy is a choice. While I do agree to some extent, I also know that clinically depressed persons do not choose to be depressed.

Also, sometimes bad things happen to good people and it just is not possible to be happy all the time.

“I just want to know if my life is going to stay disaster or what lies ahead for me” – Amy

The card that came up for you, Amy, was the Six of Wands which speaks of progress and success. More importantly, though, it talks about having confidence in yourself. The confidence needed to just make a change for the better.

Start by reworking your whole thought process. If you are constantly thinking about how bad things are, they will only get worse because we draw in whatever we think about. If you’re thinking about yellow cars, then you will most likely see a yellow car at every intersection. This holds true in your life, your finances, your relationships, everything.

Things will definitely get better, but not until you simply take control and make them better.

“Hello my name is Jen and I was just wondering if you see better/happier days for me anytime soon. Thank you” – Jennifer

Jennifer, I had a great deal of trouble shuffling the cards while looking at your question which tells me of several external forces around you that are directly contributing to the issues you have been experiencing. I feel two of which are people rather than circumstances.

The card I was finally able to draw for you was the Two of Pentacles which shows a successful individual balancing a large pentacle in each hand that are seemingly connected over his head by a rainbow.

This card speaks of good time management and priorities as well as being more adaptable to change and sudden disruptions.

Reassess your priorities, putting yourself first. Also, I feel you know who one of the negative persons is that is working against you in some way. Know that it is ok to either cut this person out of your life or to at least seriously limit your interactions with them.

By addressing what has been mentioned above, I see that there are better days ahead for you.

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“I’m inquiring if you can see anything new in my life will make me happy as a bee” – Nicole

Oh, hon, I got the amazing Wheel of Fortune for you, today. This card speaks of some very good things to come as well as your Karmic reward.

If you have always tried to do right and be just with others, you will very soon reap your reward. I am seeing that by the middle of March, your overall situation will be greatly improved. Two new doors will be opening up for you before the spring months that will only help in your future bee-like state.

“Why do I always feel so anxious and scared?” – Cynthia

Cynthia, the card I drew for you was The Devil which speaks of your darker side, your hidden self. Please note that darker does not necessarily mean evil but rather just a strong negativity around you.

The first thing I strongly suggest you do is seek assistance from a mental healthcare professional. I am seeing something quite significant and just plain bad from your past that is greatly contributing to your anxiety and fear. This may well lead to a serious depression if not effectively dealt with and soon.

Talking with a mental health professional will help you get to the root of the problem. They can also teach you some tips and tricks to effectively deal with the anxiety.

“I was just wondering if my life is going to get on track with less Drama and Stress.” – Shonta

The Five of Wands came up for you, today, Shonta. This card talks of conflict and tension. I am also picking up on a bit of competition in that someone may feel you have something they either deserve more or they simply desire for themselves.

In my chosen deck, this card shows five warriors at battle, each wielding a large wand. They are all fighting each other. While this usually refers to external struggles, it also talks about battles within.

You need to take a more proactive stance and cut out as much of the unnecessary conflict as possible. If this means walking away from certain shared connections (relationships/friendships), then do it. I feel, though, that it also means addressing some feelings of inadequacy within yourself.

Try to be more adaptable. This does not mean allow yourself to become a doormat with people walking all over you. It is about adopting more of a “what the heck, it is what it is” kind of attitude; reminiscent of the 1983 Tom Cruise movie “Risky Business”.

Know what you can control and what you can’t. Just pick your battles, hon.

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    1. Denise, please submit your question to TamiTime@7thSensePsychics.com to allow equal consideration to all. Time and the sheer volume of questions submitted simply do not allow for me to answer each question, especially those posted in the comments section.
      Happy new year and blessings.

  1. My husband and I just got back in contact after ten years l want to know if we’re ment to be together again.I still love him so much but I just don’t know how he is feeling now

    1. Vickie, please email your question to TamiTime@7thsensepsychics.com to allow equal consideration to all. It is not possible to answer questions in the comments due to the volume received.
      Thank you and blessings.

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