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Every week I deal with questions from readers and try to help them resolve their issues by drawing a tarot card and reading what it means for them. If you would like to submit your question to me, email me at TamiTime@7thSensePsychics.com.

Each of us has our own cross to carry in some way. Sometimes we get so caught up in negative situations that it is difficult to see how detrimental it is to us or how we are holding ourselves back. I am sure you have heard the old saying, “Can’t see the forest for the trees.” While the answers to other people’s problems may be quite obvious to outsiders, for that person caught up in the darkness and negativity, it is so very hard to even imagine a solution or a way out.

This week in Tami Time, we talk with Janna who wonders if her current romantic partner is the right man for her, Debra who is struggling in all areas of her life, Tammy who has been “dealing” with a husband who has less-than-honorable intentions for more than 25 years and Mar who’s found herself surrounded by highly toxic relatives since her father’s passing eight years ago.

“My significant others name is Rhette. Is he the man for me? I have been trying to open a child care center ,but can’t get funded. Will I ever be able to open this daycare?” – Janna

Janna, I am only able to answer one question per person in this forum and I cannot speak on financial matters.

As for you and Rhette, I drew reversed Justice which indicates that Rhette does not share in your desires and interest for building a solid, fully committed, long-term romantic connection. It is also telling me that he is not your intended life partner. I see you being together as a couple until the middle of August this year, then you will begin to part ways.

You and Rhette each have a purpose for being in one another’s life. It is not my place to say what those purposes may be as they must be learned personally by each of you in order to gain the most benefit. I urge you to allow that to play out rather than moving on prematurely.

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“I’ve been with my husband for 25 years for those years he’s treated on me very badly with another woman and he comes back into my life cuz he says he wants me so badly but then when he comes into my life nothing is ever dealt with with his cheating and so when it does come up and I finally deal with it I’m too angry and overcome with anger and yelling and bitterness and what does he do he goes right back to what he’s doing that he says he’s not doing, and at this moment today he lays his head in a bed with her. he says has no romantic relationships with her and he tells me if I can hang on and if everything is going to be okay. he uses this girl for an excuse and she always scoops him up. tell me what should I do I do love him very much and I’m very scared to live a life without him for I am a stay-at-home mom with not much. I do have a degree but it is hard to find my footing.” – Tammy

Hon, PLEASE take this analogy for what it’s worth and know I am writing it all in LOVE and to help give you a visual of what you are doing. Say you have an electric stove top that is turned on so high, you can actually see it visibly glowing red hot. You’re oddly curious so you touch it. Burns like a big dog!! You walk around the kitchen a few minutes with the burner still on then get this urge to touch it again. Still freakin’ burns. How many times are you going to touch that burner knowing what the end result will be?

That is the exact same thing you are doing with your husband. He has not changed. He will not change no matter what he claims. You say he uses the girl only as an excuse. An excuse for what? To get his own sexual desires met?

You write of her “scooping him up”. Each time he returns to you, you scoop him up hoping that this time it really will be different. It never is different and it never will be. Hon, I am so very sorry if this sounds harsh, but if you’ve been tolerating this for 25 years, you need a very good dose of reality.

The card that turned up for you today could not have fit any better with your situation and I do hope you read it objectively and at least consider its message. The card is the Page of Wands. Among the many awesome indications of this card are inspired action, new ideas, unlimited potential and opportunities ahead.

Hon, over the course of more than two decades, your self-esteem and self-confidence have taken huge hits. You need to take back your power and know that if something is important enough to any of us, we will absolutely find a way to make it happen. You are not the first woman facing being a single mother with no job and few skills. Others make it happen every single day.

It is most definitely possible for you and I think you would be quite pleasantly surprised with the end result.

“Hi Tami
8 years ago my dad passed away. Ever since that day my siblings and mom have been treating myself and my children pretty badly. No matter how much i question their behavior they act like im the bad guy. I’m just finished with betrayal. Any suggestions?
Thank you for your advice.” – Mar

Hon, in looking back over much more than the last eight years, I am seeing you have always had struggles fitting in with many situations and family events. For many years, you have tried to prove yourself. Sadly, your father was the only one who saw you for whom you truly are. He saw many great and special things within you that few others have seen because they are simply self-involved.

Your father always went above and beyond in his efforts to protect you and shield you from the jealousy of others. Sadly, those in your nuclear family saw that as him playing favorites and they all became extremely jealous.

The card that turned up for you, hon, was the Ace of Wands which speaks of putting yourself first and allowing your own light to shine in spite of what these people are saying to you and how they are treating you. It is time for a fresh start and to simply put yourself first and think about yourself because no one else is other than how they can hurt you.

Step out and take some chances on you. Create a whole new life for yourself filled with nothing but positivity. It really is ok to cut off toxic people, even relatives. You are capable of so very much more than they have been trying to make you believe, hon. It is time for you to rise to the potential your daddy saw in you all those years. He is now leaning over your left shoulder smiling and very lightly nudging you to take some action.

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