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Tami Time: Psychic Tamara answers your questions

Every week I deal with questions from readers and try to help them resolve their issues by drawing a tarot card and reading what it means for them. If you would like to submit your question to me, email me at TamiTime@7thSensePsychics.com.

With such an incredibly uncertain economy in most countries around the world, this simply is not the time to be looking for a new job, not even for the most skilled and educated applicant. Yet, one of our querents finds herself in that very situation this week.

Lakevia finds herself out of work at a least opportune time, Alexa is considering reaching out to an ex, Pk questions ceasing her connection with someone new and Elizabeth wants to know if moving in with her son is a good idea.

“I need insight on my job everything going on this wasn’t the time to lose it… there was an
misunderstanding that caused me to get fired will they reach back out to fix it or offer me a better position I need see what’s ahead” – Lakevia

Unfortunately, Lakevia, it is highly unlikely that your former employer will make any attempt at all to hire you back as an employee in any capacity.

You are right in that this is not the time to be looking for a new job. The Page of Cups coming up indicates that you will need to be highly creative at seeking out and securing a new job. Look far outside your comfort zone and network as much as possible both online and in the real world.

“Hi Tami,

Me and my ex broke up a year ago and haven’t spoken since but I think about him all the time. I try to get over him but can’t. We broke up because he doesn’t believe in marriage or kids and because he doesn’t open up to me much. I have recently read into family and communication books and believe he didn’t find his voice yet, built up walls, and was raised in a different family dynamic than mine. I didn’t understand him and ran away abruptly rather than tried to talk things through. Should I message him to try to reconnect and heal our old wounds slowly? Is there still a chance if he still thinks about me? Or leave the past in the past and learn from it?

Thanks,” – Alexa

Alexa, through the reversed Seven of Wands, it is being stressed that you need to leave the past in the past. Your ex is quite strong in his convictions against marriage and children. You will not be able to change his mind. Reaching out to him will only give you false hope.

If you believe that you could make exceptions and change your own desires for the future and adapt to his way of thinking and accept never being married or having children just so you could be with him, you will only come to resent him in time and have many regrets.

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“I have been struggling with my marriage. Legally separated but living together for kids. I want to move forward and grow. Husband is comfortable and feels nothing is wrong. I want to be with my twin flame. I feel I met my twin flame and perhaps my husband is my soulmate. I have dreams of meeting a man with blue eyes. I became a member at the gym and developed a strong connection with guy with blue eyes. Everytime i feel butterflies and my heart is pounding like crazy. Perhaps I just have a huge crush??? When we first met it was a rushed connection and instant. I never felt this before. Only thing is we are both in a long term third party. We talked but now we only say hi. Something shifted and I am not sure what. I am healing and planning to walk away from this connection and I want to live on my own with my two kids. Am I right to walk away or should I get to know this person?” – Pk

Through the Five of Pentacles, hon, I am seeing that you would not ever feel completely settled and secure with this person at the gym if you opt to pursue anything with him. The idea of soulmates and twin flames varies depending on each of our personal belief system. A popularly held belief on twin flames is that your true twin flame is really only a reflection of your highest self once you have achieved that level.

Aside from you not ever being completely settled with this new man, you really need to finish old business before trying to start something new. Take care of things with your husband then spend some time standing alone, solely on your own two feet. Once you have done that, a new romantic connection will have much more of a significance in your life and you will just know that you are going into it more for the right reasons.

“I want to know if me moving in with my son is a good idea we tend to argue here and there I am bipolar depression problems I really want to end my life but I have a daughter & Son that need me so is moving with my son a good idea ? I hope so please God ? thank you so much I appreciate it looking forward to your response” – Elizabeth

It is being expressed to me that you should proceed with moving in with your son, Elizabeth. But the Eight of Wands, reversed, came up warning that you and any other adult in the household have clear boundaries and a full understanding of exactly what each person’s role in the household is. Respect and honor each person and know when it is time to retreat to your separate corners to avoid any big arguments or blow ups.

If he has children, you must honor his role as the father in the home and never openly undermine him in front of the children unless someone is becoming physically violent.

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  1. Yes Tami l want to know if my boyfriend Daniel will ever or try to call me or see me cus it’s been awhile that he hasn’t call or heard from him cus he been sick will l ever be happy n be back with him does he loves me