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Tami Time: Suicide Quandary and Needing Confirmation

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Tami Time: Psychic Tamara answers your questions

Every week I deal with questions from readers and try to help them resolve their issues by drawing a tarot card and reading what it means for them. If you would like to submit your question to me, email me at TamiTime@7thSensePsychics.com.

Like many, I have struggled with deep clinical depression since I was a young child. Because of this, I have a high respect and regard for others dealing with it. So, Jade’s email about her uncle’s suicide truly touched me. I also felt a connection with C. as she carries on a long-distance relationship with a man because of my own personal experience with my son’s father who lives in Australia even though we lost touch many years ago.

This week, I also speak to Angela as she tries to decide whether to move in with her boyfriend despite some red flags and Whitney who struggles with what I consider a soul connection.

“Hello Tami,

In February, my uncle committed suicide. Our family is in deep mourning. He was only 30. He struggled with a serious drug. He was off the drug, but needed/wanted it. That is what caused him to take his own life. My family said he wasn’t acting himself in his last moments. Any way, most of my family members are faithful Christians. They’re praying his soul is safe, because some people think if you take your own life, you go to hell. I believe his soul is free and he’s no longer suffering. Could you add your input on this matter. I just want to know if he is free of pain.
Thank you for your time.” – Jade

Jade, I’m so sorry for your loss. What matters the most here is what your uncle believed. No one knows for certain what happens when we pass or where our souls go. Personally, I strongly feel that your uncle is free.

He is free from the overwhelming pain, emotional and physical. He is free from his addiction. His soul is free.

“My question is, I have a man in my life that I love very much and we’ve spent a lot of time together before he moved to another state. Since then we have been getting even closer, as in now we send gifts to each other on birthdays and holidays.
When will we reconnect and take this to the next level?” – C

Thank you, very much, C., for your wonderfully kind words. I greatly appreciate you taking time to read the article each week and for writing in.

In my opinion and experience, I feel the greatest benefit to any personal relationship that is primarily online is that the physical distractions are almost completely removed. While some persons engage in cyber-sex, for the most part, interactions with each other is spent just talking and learning new things about one another. This is done without the pressures of physical interaction such as sex and all of the sometimes overwhelming concerns that comes with that such as performance abilities.

I feel this greatly increases the quality of interactions and I have no doubt that is part of the reason you and this man have grown closer since he relocated. Not that I am assuming you were sexually active before he moved, but I am sure you each at least felt some pressure to some extent. Now, though, you can simply focus on what is most important such as just absorbing as much information as you can about each other.

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The card that came up for you C, was the reversed Nine of Pentacles which speaks of self-worth. This confirms to what I wrote above to some extent, but it also touches on simply being able to allow your own true self to shine through your communications, especially when it comes to the gifts you have sent to each other.

I see a time later this fall around late September going into October when you and this man could spend some quality time together in person as one of you travels to visit the other. This time looks to last about five to seven days. Unfortunately, though, it will most likely be very late in 2021 before either (or both) of you is able to make the move to be fully reunited in the same city. But I do see it happening in time.

“Hi Tami, I am in a relationship and he wants me to move in…but I’m a little unsure if he is completely faithful …I’m not saying that he is, but there is red flags that come up, could you please let me know what you think..and do you see anything that I should know before I make a new move in that direction . Thank you in advance” – Angela

Hon, the card that came up in looking at your decision was the Two of Swords which addresses difficult decision and thoroughly weighing your options as well as the pros and cons.

While many of the red flags you make reference to are most likely physical, I am also sensing that your own gut intuition is telling you to slow down and even cease this current shared connection with your boyfriend. You must heed this. It is imperative that you always listen to your own intuition because it is the way God/spirit/the universe/your own angels and guides warn that you may be about to make an irreparable mistake and possibly put yourself in jeopardy.

I sense you already know the answer, but I will tell you anyway because I also sense that you just need to hear it (or in this case see it): do not move in. In fact, I suggest you very seriously consider ending this current shared romantic connection.

“Hi, Tami. I’ve been back and forth wanting to ask this particular question, but I need another opinion. I have been in love with this woman for awhile. To briefly explain, she has appeared in my life at different times over the course of this lifetime, such as being in the same class as me when we were in high school, dating one of her friends out of high school, and her selling her car to yet a different ex a few years later. Months ago we came back into each other’s lives, after she had just moved to a state next to mine. We did attempt a long-distance relationship, but out of nowhere she ended it. Honestly, I didn’t see it coming. She also isn’t out to her family and I know that causes conflict because my whole family knows that I am gay. While there’s so many reasons to believe she doesn’t want to be with me and reasons why I almost shouldn’t bother, I can’t let her go. Can you please help guide me in the right direction and tell me if this is just a commitment issue and I need to be patient, or if we’re never going to be more than friends so I can detach from her romantically?” – Whitney

I am seeing the indications of a “new cycle” as referring more to redefining your shared connection with this woman as well as freeing yourself up to welcome and receive new love from a new person.

Hon, I see the woman about whom you write as someone with whom you share a soul connection in that you have gone around together more than once in past lives (if you believe in that). She is intended to be in your life each go round, just not in a romantic way this time. I sense you feel the soul connection and it is for this reason you are having difficulty letting go of the possibility that you and she will be more than friends at some point in the future.

Genuine soul connections are not always romantic. Sometimes it is with a friend or relative. Some people even feel a soul connection with a particular animal.

The card I drew for you, hon, was the reversed Eight of Cups. Through this, I am seeing the need to walk away, but not entirely. I urge you to continue to nurture and maintain your friendship but let go of any hopes for it ever being anything more in this lifetime.

It is not so much a matter of her maturing, rather she simply will most likely never feel free to come out to her family. Sadly, she will not ever realize true happiness in this lifetime. But that is her choice and trying to help her to see things differently or, worse, force anything will only backfire and drive her deeper into the closet.

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