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Tami Time: Talking with Dad and Taking Back Control

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Tami Time: Psychic Tamara answers your questions

Every week I deal with questions from readers and try to help them resolve their issues by drawing a tarot card and reading what it means for them. If you would like to submit your question to me, email me at TamiTime@7thSensePsychics.com.

One of the things I enjoy most about what I do is being able to communicate with those who have passed. Very sadly, the one person that I most desire to speak with is my own mother who passed over 32 years ago. She has given me messages for others close to me, but she never has anything for me other than her presence which is incredibly comforting, so I’ve come to accept that she simply has nothing to say to me.

But this week, I have a message for a reader whose father recently passed.

I think my second favorite thing I am blessed to do is work with people as a spiritual life counselor and this week I have three opportunities to try and assist Kelly who is drowning in a toxic marriage, MaryAnn who struggles to gain control of her clairaudience and Betty who desperately needs to take back control of her life.

“My Dad, Gus just passed on Friday. Does he have a message for me ?” – Anonymous

I am so terribly sorry for your loss and will light a special candle for you. Hon, as I was shuffling the cards, asking your father for a message, the King of Pentacles fell out, reversed. He is telling me that this particular message is not for you, but rather for someone relatively close to you. The message from this card is that someone close to you needs to let go of their concerns for a particular material possession of your father’s. This may be an item of value monetarily, but he is saying that it simply is not meant for this particular person.

As for you, he is saying, “Hold on.” There is a situation in your life that you feel is not working out, but your father feels you may be giving up too soon. He is also saying you have some guilt over his passing that he wants you to fully release. He is saying that things happened as they were supposed to.

“Hi Tami
I’ve been married for 35 years and the last 5 haven’t been good. My husband has had a lady friend for those 5 years and has told me they are just friends, but she sends him videos and nudes more often than not and he goes 3 hours away to visit her lately every 3 weeks. We haven’t been sexually active for about 8 years now because he’s impotent.i guess I have been afraid to leave him because he can be very angry and when things don’t go his way he’s very verbally abusive and has been physically abusive as well.
My daughter has asked me to leave several times and I just think things will turn around and get bettering haven’t worked outside of the home for almost 3 years because when I have a job I love he seems to turn into a big negative drama and he also expected me to do his books and other business related things as well because he is self employed. He’s constantly giving her money and has even told me a part of him loves her but he doesn’t want to be with her. I guess you can say he’s had his cake and eat it too. I am mentally exhausted and he keeps telling me I’m losing my mind. He just doesn’t realize how frustrated I really am. When I do bring up our issues he gets mad and says he doesn’t want to discuss it. Counselling is out of the question! I’ve been crying more in the last 3 months and really looking for a easy way out! When I’ve told him I’m going to leave he says go ahead but I know it wouldn’t be that simple because of his raging fits he can turn on quickly.
I could go on an on but will stop here for now.
Thank You” – Kelly

Hon, I see the stress and strain your husband and this marriage have put on you. It looks as though the last seven to nine months have been the absolute most difficult.

The card that came up for you was the Five of Swords which speaks of accomplishment at any cost. Through this, I am seeing that you need to make a break from this entire situation and do it quickly. That does not mean soon, just that you need to do everything all at one time.

Make a plan, round up as much assistance as you can as well as resources for housing, etc., and just go. Do not allow it to be a “process”, rather just get it done.

Whether it happens tomorrow or next year, it just needs to happen. It needs to be like ripping off a bandage. Just get up one morning and go. Have people around, authorities if you feel the need, when you do this for your own physical well-being.

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“Will I ever be able to embrace my clairaudient gift??” – MaryAnn

Most definitely, hon! The card I drew for your question was the King of Wands. One of the very most basic meanings of this card is “vision” which tells me two things. One, you’re trying too hard and often work to form a mental picture rather than just listen. The other thing I see is that you are often a bit quick to try and make the message “fit”.

You need to relax. Separate your mind from your spirit self. There are guided meditations on youtube to help you with this. Then just listen. Simply listen.

Do not try to understand it. Do not try to see whom in your life the message may be for or what situation it may apply to. If you need to, take notes pertaining to the messages or get a voice recorder and give yourself voice messages to refer to if you cannot remember everything. Quite often, it may take several different sounds to form one message.

Once you completely separate your mind from your spirit and just listen, things will very slowly begin to just flow. It will take time and practice, but I see you getting there in less than eight months.

“Hi! I’ve had a lot going on in the past few weeks, I guess what I really want to know is, am I gonna be OK, now that I’ve let my partner of 25 years. Can I really handle being on my own with no one by my side except my animals. I’m not scared of being alone, I just wonder if my mind can handle not having anyone to talk to or share my day with.financially I think I’ll be OK since she never really worked anyway.but she left me with such a negative self esteem, I wonder if I’ll ever like myself again or anyone else for that matter..trusting anyone else is gonna a big huge challenge for me, this much I’m sure of..thank you for listening” – Betty.

Betty, hon, you got this!

The card that came up for you was the Eight of Cups which is serving more as a warning than a prophetic message. It warns of you withdrawing and escaping within yourself. You absolutely cannot do this, hon.

I know how incredibly difficult it is to get out and be around people in your current state of mind. You will simply need to force yourself to get out and do something.

Force yourself to take a class on a subject you enjoy such as cooking, art, creative writing, etc. If your animals include a dog and you live in a big enough metropolitan area, get into an obedience training class at one of the big chain pet stores. By getting into an obedience class with your dog, you will need to attend each week for the two of you to gain the most benefit.

If making yourself get out is simply too difficult, then start by joining a facebook group of like-minded individuals then gradually build up to meet them in person. I’m not talking about online dating. I’m talking about local groups that have a presence on facebook that meet periodically in person.

Either take the leap and do get out there or build yourself up gradually through online connection. Just step out of your comfort zone and take action.

As you force yourself to do this, your self-esteem will gradually improve, and you will slowly begin to feel more confident and in control.

One thing that is imperative in the process of you regaining control of your life is to release the anger and bitterness. It will eat you alive otherwise.

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  1. Thank you can relate. My family are sceptics I wa sceptic but always found it fascinating about the possibilities to Phys. However years ago I wish I could remember but I read About Physc fro A MIT man I wish I could remember his name or book.

    1. Thank you for taking time to read this edition of Tami Time and posting your comment, hon. I do appreciate it. If you can remember any key phrases from that book, I suggest you try googling them. Maybe you’ll be directed to the book

  2. to the psychic your mother speaks to you you do not listen maybe you do not want to hear but she smiles everytime she talks she laughs every time you don’t listen and she loves the hell out of you wake up and take your own advice and listen to what your mother is telling you to do

    1. Thank you for sharing this with me, hon. I just wrote something quite similar to someone that will be posted in the next edition of Tami Time. You are right, I need to take my own advice and just listen. 😊
      Thank you and blessings.

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