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Tami Time: The Challenge and Benefit of Change

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Tami Time: Psychic Tamara answers your questions

Every week I deal with questions from readers and try to help them resolve their issues by drawing a tarot card and reading what it means for them. If you would like to submit your question to me, email me at TamiTime@7thSensePsychics.com.

Change is always challenging, but more often than not, it is also for this best. Lisa saw her man through some significant and positive changes but now struggles herself, the third time may not be a charm for Sarah, Mary feels lost without her ex and Karyna has been feeling down. Each could certainly benefit from some change.

“Hi Tami
I’ve been with a man for four years now, and I still have a bit of a nagging doubt as to whether he really loves me. We have been through an awful lot together, and he especially has went thru some difficult times. But he did help himself thru those times by seeking out a greater understanding of his higher power, and pursued both religious and standard counseling. I feel like he has been genuine in his positive change, but I still see so many reasons to doubt that he is really truly committed to and in love with me. I don’t know if my doubt is a helpful response from my intuition or a self-sabotaging trick of my low self esteem? I hate to look like a fool sticking by someone who is just playing with my emotions, but if I am wrong and I turn away from a true partner because of my own insecurities it would be a great loss to us both. Please help me put my fears to rest once and for all.” – Lisa

The fact that this man sought out assistance and followed through with getting help from his higher power and the different types of counseling says a tremendous amount about his desire, commitment and effort to make some very much needed changes in his own life.

That being said/written, it is not being made evident that he has done much to make himself a better romantic partner. I do understand that it is a process, often a rather slow process, but your own words tell me he has done little in the way of stepping up for you as his partner and for your shared connection.

The Nine of Wands came up when looking at your situation, Lisa, which confirms his commitment and dedication to making himself a better person. This card also speaks about you being tested as you choose to remain with him. Third, last and possibly most important, is that this card talks of boundaries.

This man becoming a better person does not equate to him being a better partner for YOU. It is entirely possible that your purpose in his life has been served through you supporting him and standing by him as he works to make these changes so that he could be a better partner for someone new later in his life.

Ultimately, the choice to remain with this man is yours as you are the one with the most to lose or gain. But I do hope that this card has given you some new and unbiased information to consider.

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“Hi I read your all your replies and I see the strength you give to so many. My question is will me and my ex ever get back together and make it right for the 3rdtime or do I just give up and move on. Love and light to you.” – Sarah

First, hon, I want to express my deepest gratitude for you reading this article regularly and for your wonderfully kind words.

With regard to your question, Sarah, I am reminded of the age old saying, “The third time’s the charm.” Unfortunately, though, I do not see that holding true in this particular situation.

That was confirmed by the Five of Swords which talks of conflict and defeat. It is being shown that neither of you has changed much in an effort to do what needs to be done to make it work the third time, the fourth time or beyond.

That does not in any way mean that there is something wrong with either of you, it only means that things between you as a couple are simply not right and what has come between you so many times before is still very much present in your lives and potential reunion now. Through all of that, I am being shown that it would serve you better to simply let go and allow yourself time to heal and move on.

“Hi Tami. I just read your article on struggling with lost love and I felt as if this is exactly how I feel. My ex and I broke up and I feel like I cannot move on or live without him. When we’re together I feel like I know we’re wrong for each other but without him I’m lost and miss him. What is it about him and what do you think will happen?” – Mary

Mary, I am getting that when you are apart, it is more what he represents rather than him as a person you desire and miss. You know the connection is wrong and will never work, but you also saw in him the potential for something good which makes you want that kind of connection even more. It just so happens he is recent, comfortable and convenient … at least in your mind.

I do not sense or foresee anything of significance ever happening between you and your ex. The Ace of Cups, though, indicates that once you fully let go of him and cut all ties (unless you have shared children or a joint financial obligation), within about three to five months, someone new and quite special will enter your life. But as long as you are spending time with him and allowing him into your energies in any way, you are holding yourself back.

If you do have children together or a financial obligation, then strictly limit any communications to that and that only. Otherwise, completely cut all ties even if you need help and are stranded by the side of the road, call someone else.

The Ace of Cups speaks of a wonderful new romantic connection ahead for you but as long as you are allowing him in your energies, you are delaying the process.

“I read your replies to people every week. i love your empathy towards people..You so professional..
I am feeling really down lately. i was wondering could you pick card and see will things change..
thank you” – karyna

Hon, I thank you tremendously and deeply for taking time to read the article each week, but more importantly, I want to thank you for your wonderfully kind words. You truly made me smile and feel quite positive.

Karyna, the card that I pulled for you was the reversed Knight of Pentacles. This gentleman speaks of a great need for change. The two very most basic meanings of this card are boredom and feeling stagnant. Too much of either can lead to depression.

You need to make some changes in your life, positive changes. I suggest you start with your overall thought process and work to always find the good in every situation. Even the darkest of moments will have something positive to focus on.

From there, change up your daily routine to stave off the stagnation. Maybe even change your job and seek out one that challenges you more or take an art class or cooking course. Just do something that challenges you in some way.

I see there are definitely some good things ahead for you, but it will require you stepping way outside your comfort zone. Take some chances.

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  1. What does the future hold for my x and I we have been broke up for quite sometime. He met someone and was going to marry her and got caught texting me not once but twice. They broke up and I saw the sadness he wanted her back and now I go visit him 2 Times a week but late night . I love him I am confused please help

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