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Tami Time: The Positive and Negative Sides of Trust

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Tami Time: Psychic Tamara answers your questions

Every week I deal with questions from readers and try to help them resolve their issues by drawing a tarot card and reading what it means for them. If you would like to submit your question to me, email me at TamiTime@7thSensePsychics.com.

Having a trusting nature can be a double-edge sword. When in a committed romantic connection, trust is vital. But sometimes that trust can come back and bite us on the butt.

Both sides of how trust can benefit us or come back to haunt us are addressed today as I talk with Karen who has fears about the future of her marriage based on the trust she has in psychic readings. Louisa needs to have greater trust in her overly-friendly fiancé while Texas Hold ‘Em is trusting the way wrong online connection. Deborah needs to trust that her work life will eventually return to normal.

“Hello! My name is Karen and I have been married to my husband Will for 2 years. Our relationship has had its ups and downs but lately it has been good. I have however getting very mixed readings and signs about the future of our relationship and it has been freaking me out quite a bit. I struggle with anxiety though and I have a bad habit of letting my fears dictate my life and cause problems when there are none. Am I letting my fears dictate my love life or is there actually something that I should be worried about? Thank you so much for your time and for sharing your gift!” – Karen

Karen, I definitely think you are allowing your mind and your fears to get the better of you, especially if the readings you mentioned are readings by different psychics. If that is the case, you need to keep in mind that absolutely NO reading is set in stone. Also, readings are given based on your energies and other aspects at the moment of the actual reading. Most important, the only guarantee in life is death.

As humans blessed with free will, we hold the power to alter the outcome of every single thing that is seen in a reading. An example would be if you and your husband have a huge fight and go a few days without talking with each then you seek a reading. That psychic may see strongly that there is or will be a split followed by a divorce. But say two days later, you and your husband have a very serious conversation about that fight and get things resolved. You could certainly prevent the divorce and the split the psychic was picking up on may well have been the simple fact that you and your husband had not spoken with each other in days. So, please use a psychic reading as a tool to help you make better, more informed decisions going forward rather than how you see the rest of your life or even next week, next year, etc. That is the primary purpose of a psychic reading: to help you be better informed so you can (hopefully) make better choices going forward.

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I do not see you and your husband splitting up; however, I am seeing a VERY strong need for much more open and honest communication at all times. This was confirmed by the card I drew for you, the Eight of Pentacles, which speaks of repetitive focused efforts leading to success. That repetitive effort would be striving for much better communication between you and your husband.

I suggest you designate a “safe space” in your home such as at the kitchen table or two specific chairs in the living area, the bathroom, etc., anywhere outside of the bedroom. In this space, you and your husband are free and strongly urged to speak your mind and let everything out … good, bad, indifferent … without fear that whatever is said will be held against either of you going forward. Then honor that space and keep your word (each of you).

You and your spouse should be best friends and be able to speak freely with each other about anything and everything. Otherwise, things are left unsaid and to be assumed and often blown way out of proportion in our own minds.

Bottom line, I do feel you are looking for trouble where there is none. This often happens when things are going too well because it leads us to believe that things are simply too good to be true. So, rather than just enjoying it, we are constantly looking for something to go wrong.

“Why does my fiancé still find it OK to talk to other women? 😳. I feel like I’m not good enough anymore and it bothers me as a woman badly.” – Louisa

Hon, it is literally impossible for any person to live their life without talking with members of the opposite sex. As long as your fiancé is being true to you and not talking with these women in an attempt to hook up, then there is zero harm in it. There is no harm in casual flirting, either. Again, as long as the boundaries are honored.

The card that came up when looking at your concerns, hon, was the Six of Pentacles. This card speaks of an open and giving nature which is what I see around your fiancé.

Some people are just quite friendly in their nature and some are simply natural flirts and quite often flirt without even realizing they are doing it. That just is how some people are.

It is not him talking with others that is the problem, it is your own insecurities. You need to have more faith in him, in yourself and in the two of you as a couple. He is NOT in any way looking to stray or cheat. He is just a nice guy who likes to talk. Please try to relax and simply trust in his love for you and KNOW that you are the woman for him, otherwise he would move on.

HE CHOSE YOU! Keep that in mind, hon.

“Dearest Tami, I enjoy reading your blog! For two months, I have been texting a USA soldier, stationed in Africa who professes I will become his life soulmate when he retires soon. We are both over 55 years young of age. He is constantly asking me for a cellphone card. I have generously purchased one for him before. Is this a scam? He is my invisible love. Do we have a real future or am I being childish in believing and trusting him? Is he playing me for a fool? I can’t locate any information on him. Believe me, I’ve tried.” – Texas Hold Em’

Thank you, very much, for reading these postings and taking time to email a question, hon.

It breaks my heart to have to tell you that you are most definitely being played. I would not say being played for a fool or that you are being childish for believing.

Hon, these scammers are very good at what they do. This is how many of them support themselves and some will spend many, many hours exchanging emails and other digital messages with countless women every single day. You are not the first to fall for this scam and you certainly will not be the last.

If you pick out some emotional heart-felt sentences or paragraphs and google them, odds are pretty good you will get quite a few hits because there are scripts many of them follow when hooking their bait. Some of these people work solo, but some are well-organized groups of people who do this as their full-time job.

The card I drew for you, my fellow Texan, was The High Priestess and she came up reversed. Hon, one of the absolute most basic meanings of this card is being disconnected from your own intuition.

I am feeling that you have had doubts and questions from the very first exchange with this person. But you, like so very, very many people in this pandemic are just plain lonely and highly susceptible to the words these people use that speak to your heart and touch on the loneliness.

Please do not beat yourself up over this. It happens. At least you caught on after only providing them with one material gain.

I strongly suggest you simply cut off all communications with this person. Do not even email them to say you’re on to them or that you’re ceasing communication. Just simply do not reach out at any point from this moment on. If you do not trust yourself to shut this person out on your own, then block them so you will not even see their sickenly sweet words. Just let it all go, chalk it up to a lesson learned and simply move on.

You are a very strong capable Texas gal who just got caught off guard.

“Want to know If I will be back in physical office 5 days week soon” – Deborah

Unfortunately, hon, the Nine of Swords says you will be home for a while longer. This card is also warning you to try some new things to keep your anxiety and loneliness in check.

I am feeling a lot of frustration around you as well as a small bit of insecurity. Sadly, the pandemic will be far worse this month and into December than it has been in the last ten months. I am so sorry to say that it may be late-January before you get back to your usual routine of going to a physical office each work day.

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