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Tami Time: Psychic Tamara answers your questions

Every week I deal with questions from readers and try to help them resolve their issues by drawing a tarot card and reading what it means for them. If you would like to submit your question to me, email me at TamiTime@7thSensePsychics.com.

In the midst of a global pandemic and so much social unrest, especially in the United States, somehow life goes on. Thousands of people are being lost daily to this virus and countless people all around the world are simply trying to make it through the day as they face what seems to be never-ending isolation, uncertainty, economic crisis, just to name a few. Yet despite all of this, we still have to find a way to keep living our lives and facing major life issues such as cheating spouses, divorce, job changes – at least for those fortunate enough to find a new job – and a myriad of other daily life battles.

Broken-hearted Eugene struggles with the alienation by his children following a divorce, Monique is tired of being hurt by love, Cecilia’s hubby left her for the other woman and Brandy faces a life-altering decision. Read on to see what is in the cards for each of our seekers this week.

“Hi Tami. My question is,after divorce my children became alienated from me. Moving further away from me has not helped.I’m sure my x has played a large part in this.Recently my eldest son is in contact.Hes seem illusive and somewhat distant.i would love to make up with my other younger son and two daughters. I approached my x for there phone numbers.But she made it clear she will not assist me in any way. What now is my best course of action as i believe my eldest daughter is getting married soon. Thank for your help !” – Eugene

I am a huge proponent for fathers’ rights so it both angers me and saddens me when I see things such as this happen, Eugene. It simply is not right.

I am not going to pretend to know what kind of husband or father you have been, but I can see in your energy that you have at least tried to do right by your children in the more recent past. The card I drew for you was the King of Cups which calls for diplomacy and compassion in your efforts to reunite with your children.

I suggest you apologize to each of your children for any wrongs from the past, perceived or actual and leave it at that. Do not try to justify any of your past actions and certainly do not try to throw any dirt on their mother. In fact, it would best to not ever mention their mother to any of them once you are able to reestablish a connection with each child.

You need to understand that your children each have their own version of the family history. In addition to that, each has been greatly influenced not only by their mother, but by others who took their mother’s side through it all.

I hope you will take full advantage of every resource imaginable in the search for your other children such as websites for the newspaper(s) in their local area (wherever you think they may be) to maybe find your daughter’s engagement announcement. In addition to this, I suggest you do regular searches of social media and explore all other options. Never give up but do try to leave the past in the past.

Aside from offering up an apology, I would refrain from offering any additional explanations or information but rather answer any questions your children may have directly and honestly and again, leave it at that. I do hope very much that you are able to eventually reunite with each of your children, hon.

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“Good morning,

My Name is Monique .. I am in a long distance friendship / relationship with a man that I have been seeing for almost 4 years. I would love to grow and build with this gentleman but unfortunately he has cheated on me in the past and truthfully I believe he has cheated on me recently that is why I say the word FRIEND. Part of me feels .. being a friend is better than being in a relationship with this gentleman … Terrance … I am truly tired of being hurt by love ?… Am I making the correct choice for myself?

Thank you so much ?” – Monique

Hon, if you are choosing to be Terrance’s friend and only his friend, then yes, you are making the right choice for yourself. I am sensing strongly that all of your suspicions about his cheating are right on point and he will only continue to do this to you. Sadly, you must pull back and let go of any hopes for a solid romance between you or of him changing.

Through the reversed Ace of Wands, it is being indicated that expending any further efforts toward building a good romantic connection with Terrance will only delay you from finding the one with whom you are truly meant to share your life.

“My husband of 8 years cheated on me left me for the women he is with now will there relationship last?” – Cecilia

No, hon, the relationship between Diego and Judine will not last more than another nine months. The reversed King of Swords came up for you which indicates Diego will most likely try to come crawling back to you and manipulate you into taking him back when things fall apart with her. You will have all the power in your shared connection with him at that time and I sincerely hope you think long and hard before taking him back.

“Hi Tami,
I’ve been seeing Ron for 2 years now, all while he was going through divorce, which was already in the works when we met.
We are both Chiefs which has made the relationship very rocky as it seems like we both want to be in control of the other. We love each other very much and both believed we were going to be together forever.
He’s recently accepted a job over 900 miles away & expects me to quit my job that I absolutely love and expects me to find work wherever he’s working. I’ve already quit one job to go on the road with him in the very beginning but it’s a completely different lifestyle for me. Hotel life isn’t for me.
I don’t want to lose what we have, but I also don’t trust him enough to have a long distance relationship.
Any advice is greatly appreciated.
Thank you,” – Brandy

Hon, you are certainly justified in having misgivings and concerns over making such a huge change for a man, any man. I see that there is real love between you and Ron, but as the old Patty Smyth song says, “Sometimes love just ain’t enough.”

I am seeing that in time, most likely a relatively short time, you will grow to have resentment toward Ron if you make this life-altering change for him. You will also have anger toward yourself for allowing him to influence you in such a way.

Through the Three of Pentacles, reversed, it is being indicated that this change simply is not in your highest good. This card speaks of loneliness, disappointment and a mismatch.

The mismatch, I feel, refers to the fact that you are both type A personalities and like to have things your own way. This will wear on your relationship and cause much strain between you.

With the disappointment, I am seeing you will not be able to secure a job that you enjoy anywhere near as much as your current one and you certainly will not be making the same money.

Lastly, the loneliness tells me that Ron will most likely be working long hours leaving you alone in a city where you have zero support system.

I will certainly not tell you what to do, but I think your card has spoken volumes, hon. You have a huge life-changing decision to make. I urge you to seriously weigh ALL of the pros and cons as declining Ron’s offer will most likely herald the impending demise of your shared connection.

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  1. Hi Tami, I’ve been seeing Stephane on and off for over a year now.. Because of COVID we have been only texting because as he is now retired , he babysit’s his grandkids…so it’s only fair that we text each other for now… every so often he can be weeks without texting me.. he then comes back as if nothing happened… can you please tell me if he is seeing someone else… I feel we have a very strong connection when we speak to each other.. and when we do talk together he keeps telling me he feels like a wolf around me.. if he feels that way , why does he ghost me.. I should tell you that I love this guy and I feel very connected to him.. what should I do…. I do give him the space he needs when he doesn’t call me.. I wait for him to call me back… thank you for you help… I’m confused and hurt right now

    1. Vivian, I greatly appreciate you reading this weekly posting but I am not able to address questions in the comments section. Please email me at TamiTime@7thsensepsychics.com to allow equal consideration to all desiring assistance.
      Thank you and blessings.