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Tami Time: Unhealthy Relationships and Seeking New Love

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Tami Time: Psychic Tamara answers your questions

Every week I deal with questions from readers and try to help them resolve their issues by drawing a tarot card and reading what it means for them. If you would like to submit your question to me, email me at TamiTime@7thSensePsychics.com.

This week in Tami Time, Alexa finds herself caught up with a cheater, Vanessa struggles in her life with a man who believes he is owed a tremendous debt of gratitude and praise by everyone for his assistance and best advice, Ash is desiring to meet her husband and Lori questions the potential of a relationship.

“Never believed in cheating but I recently fell for an engaged man. I found out after we connected on online dating and I got to know him. After hearing his story I decided to give it a chance. But I feel insecure. I keep trying to leave. He said they are separated but still living together but I don’t believe it. He admitted to me that he is torn because of shared assets. Will he leave her and does this new love have any chance of working out long term? “ – Alexa

Hon, if this guy is going to cheat on someone to whom he is engaged, then he will absolutely most definintely cheat on you. The card that came up for you today was the Knight of Cups which indicates that guy is using his charm and ability to read you to feed on your desires for a solid romantic connection. He is saying all the right things to feed into your imagination and lead you to believe there is a whole lot more between you than what there actually is.

If he really wanted to leave his fiancé, he would. Quite simply, assets can be divided up. I am so terribly sorry to sound harsh, hon, but he will not leave her and there is no “new love”. He is playing you. Again, I am sorry for sounding harsh, but there are red flags all around.

If you truly want to leave, just leave. I am seeing that you are a fully grown adult woman whom is not being held in capativity. So, leave. It would honestly be in your better interest to do so and to do so quickly.

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“Hi Tami,
I recently learned that I have problems with my heart. I really don’t think its anything that meds can’t handle. My problem is my husband. He is going ballistic, he always does with regard to anything happening to me. Always says he will die right along with me. So needless to say there is not hope of having a different opinion than his. He constantly is telling me and everyone else what they need to do. This stresses me to no end and I truly hate that he offends not only me but the rest of his family and sometimes mine. And I just recently learned he is reading my messages.

Lee ( I’m using different names in case he should read your page) is a good man in respect to being there for people or doing things they can not. The only problem is he constantly talks about all he has done or is doing for someone, he holds a grudge like no one else, and will not admit when he is wrong or if it is shown to him that he was wrong, he has an excuse for it so it’s not his fault.

I guess my question is how do you show someone like this that he has faults too, and that if he does for someone he shouldn’t do it if he is constantly going to require thanks and praise? He frustrates me so much when I try to speak to him about these things that he make it out that I’m against him and that I don’t support him in what he does.

To me it’s not about supporting him it’s about unselfishly doing for others and feeling good about giving not constantly receiving praise.
Oh he takes really good care of me in little things and he loves me to know end but I must be honest, sometimes I feel so smothered and so tired of constantly having to stroke his ego just to have peace.

Am I being ungrateful and not supportive?” – Vanessa

Hon, you are not being at all, in any way, ungrateful nor unsupportive of Lee. He has martyr syndrome which means he constantly expects heaps of praise and FAR much more in return for what he does for others. Sadly, some people honestly believe they deserve a parade simply for folding a load of towels if it is not a task they generally do.

Him doing things for others in any way is much, much more so he can gain the praise and adulation of other people rather than for him simply doing what is right. He really does not care about helping other people and doing the “little things”, but he is only interested in how it will ultimately benefit him and the ego boost he will get from people being so grateful for his sacrifice.

Unfortunately, people like Lee cannot, nor will not, ever have even the slightest bit of understanding that doing for others is simply the right thing to do and should not ever be done with any hope of any kind of praise or something else in return. It is not even about them being selfish and expecting things in return. When people like Lee do things for others, they believe with their entire being that they have gone above and beyond, no matter how small their gesture, and honestly feel that they deserve all the praise and adulation. Martyrs.

In their minds, they sacrificed something in some way for someone other than themselves, again no matter how insignificant the gesture, and feel they should be lifted up in praise by all. This holds true of any advice they so generously heap upon others, as well, even though their advice is very rarely sought out. They just believe they know what is best for everyone.

Lee has always been like this, even when you and he met, and he will forever be like this. Always and forever, unfortunately.

Through the King of Wands that turned up for you today, Vanessa, it is being shown that Lee is someone who is constantly seeking praise and high honors. I am so terribly sorry, hon, but there is nothing at all that you or any other person could ever do to change that or him.

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“Hi Tami. I am 33 and have always had a difficult time in love. I’m wondering when I will meet my husband and what type of man he will be?” – Ash

Ash, the card that came up for you was the reversed Two of Swords which indicates you have been trying too hard to find your husband. Finding the right person, your intended life partner, is a process and cannot be forced. It must happen naturally and in divine timing.

If you relax and take a few steps back and just allow things to happen as they will, I see you meeting your future husband in November/December of this year. This person will not enter your life through any kind of online connection or dating app. While you need to put yourself in the right place at the right time, meeting him cannot be your desired end result or you will only delay the process.

I am seeing that your future husband will be quite extroverted, intelligent, tall with an athletic build. Ruggedly handsome and financially secure. He looks to have two children, though not very young children. I am seeing him three to five years older than you with very attractive and expressive eyes. His eyes are what will attract you.

“Hi Tami.
I’ve been reading your tami time posts for awhile now and wanted to ask if Matthew is good for me and if this is a good potential relationship.
Thank you in advance” – Lori

Thank you, very much, hon, for being a frequent reader. I tremendously appreciate that.

In looking at the potential of Matthew, Lori, I drew the reversed Knight of Wands. This card speaks of heightened passion but also of frustration, scattered energies and how acting in haste would cause delays. Through this, I am seeing that there is a potential of having a good, albeit short-term, romantic relationship with Matthew; however, getting to the good part will take focused and determined efforts by you.

With him, there will be many ups and downs as he is quite undecided as to what he wants with you or any other person right now. If you push or try to act too quickly, you will scare him off. At the same time, you may grow frustrated by how long it will take for things to turn very serious between you.

Unfortunately, I am seeing that Matthew would be fun for only a while, but I do not see him fully coming around to sharing your desires for any kind of real relationship for a very long time to come.

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  1. Well, I have written you before my friend has this phone number that keeps pop-up on his phone, but refuses to call it back. And its his work phone. He always belittling me, can’t do nothing to satisfy him, he always downing me,call me broke, fat. He stay out all night and don’t call telling me he got drunk and state at his mothers. I know in my heart he is lying but can’t prove it. What should I do.please help me scared and worried. Joyce

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