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Tami Time: What We do Today Affects What Happens in the Future

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Tami Time: Psychic Tamara answers your questions

Every week I deal with questions from readers and try to help them resolve their issues by drawing a tarot card and reading what it means for them. If you would like to submit your question to me, email me at TamiTime@7thSensePsychics.com.

On this date in 1834, Cyrus Hall McCormick received a patent for his reaping machine. This reminds me of how each us reaps what we sow. We plant seeds for things to come and it’s often quite easy to not think of how our thoughts and actions may affect others. Also, we frequently have a limited vision of how what we do today may impact our lives one, five or even ten years from now.

Jasmine is reaping what she sewn years ago as she works to keep her family unit intact despite the extremely toxic behaviors of her husband. Jade struggles with the idea of her newborn daughter’s father planting seeds of a relationship with his own child. Ogomide is feeling down and lonely while Tami is needing to let go.

“I am trying to get past my past and forgive. There is one person that I can only expect the worst from, how do I let this go and finally be happy?” – Tami

Hon, I am getting that this one person is not someone you can simply remove from your life. Sadly, that makes it quite difficult to offer up any forgiveness, especially when they repeat the same negative behaviors.

The Five of Pentacles came up for you which speaks of a limited mindset. If this person is someone you cannot get away from physically, you will need to explore some unconventional methods of forgiveness. The first thing I suggest is that you always keep in mind that forgiveness is more for you than the for offensive person. Also, you need not literally offer your forgiveness to the offensive person. This is something you can just send up to the heavens.

I would suggest that you find a way to turn each negative action put forth by this one person to something positive. You may need to look deep, but I feel you can find something good in what this person is doing.

Keep reminding yourself that this one person is racking up some really bad Karma and one day they will get all that is due them.

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“I’d like to start off by saying I hope you and your friends and family are healthy and safe. On another note, I’m going through a difficult time with my husband and daughter. First off they don’t exactly get along all the time because she can be quite disrespectful at times and he is always putting her down and doesn’t quite give her the fatherly attention he should her growing up. At the same time he calls me out my name and disrespects me in so many ways. All he worries about is having intercourse. We don’t have fun like we used to. And we been together 25 yrs in July. Yes he is my children’s father. My daughter resents me for staying with him and because I’ve made some mistakes as a mom yelling all the time and pushing her away because I was so depressed from being in a wheel chair at the time because of an accident n breaking my leg and going through things with her dad only cuz she used to try n be there for me and that want something she should have to deal with but arguing all the time did that damage anyway. She struggles in school and I try to help her but she just gives up. And resents me for being hard on her with school but only because I want her to be her best. In the process my son had to go through this with all of us. In the process in the one that pays my , I loose job after job because either my husband won’t work with me when it comes to the kids or her makes it impossible. I’ve been through homelessness twice(living in a shelter) I’ve tried to keep my family together, because I love them, I wanted them to go through life with their parents, it’s rare to see some ppl together so long at our age any more. They are my world💕💕💕 I see a therapist and so does my daughter but he won’t. I don’t know what to do anymore please help me🙏🏻”- Jasmine

Thank you, very much, for the well wishes, hon. I do hope the same for you and those you are close to.

Jasmine, while it is admirable to keep your family unit intact, you also have to ask yourself at what costs. It is far more detrimental to a child to grow up in a toxic home in which people are fighting constantly. There is rarely any peace and children learn to walk around on eggshells all the time out of fear of setting off the more volatile parent. They are scared and insecure. Also, children learn valuable life lessons simply by watching the adults in their home and how they interact with each other. They learn finances, eating habits, work ethic and how they can expect married life to be.

The most powerful role model in a child’s life is their same sex parent.

You are teaching your children that yours is how a marriage should be. So, your daughter may be submissive and come to equate love with sex and your son may be an overbearing tyrant in his own marriage.

It is understandable that your daughter be disrespectful to her father, your husband. How many years has she bore witness to how he treats you? He has trashed you, used you and disrespected you pretty much every single day of her entire life. Frankly, as you tell it, this man does not deserve anyone’s respect.

The Empress, reversed, came up for you, hon. This card speaks on how you have allowed your husband to overpower and overshadow you. Over the many years, you have lost and sacrificed vital pieces of yourself that you absolutely must get back. The way you are living is not living. Take your own advice that you are trying to express to your daughter by riding her about school: “I want her to be her best.”

You are not being your best. Why should she?

You wrote of making mistakes. It is never too late to rectify those mistakes, hon. Knowing that you did it empowers you to make the needed changes and do better going forward.

Do not allow the last 25 years to define you. Listen to the lovely Empress who came up for you. Reinvent yourself. As long as you have breath, you have what it takes to step out and do what needs to be done. If it is important enough to you, you will simply find a way.

If you want to teach your children true strength and determination, get out of this horribly toxic and destructive environment. I know this isn’t what you wanted to hear, but it’s what you needed to hear, hon.

”My first child will be born by, or before May14th. A baby girl. However, I’m not with her father. We’ve been rather distant my whole pregnancy as far as communicating. I feel stressed and upset thinking of when she’s here that her father won’t be a dad to her the way he should. I’m not perfect either. This situation weighs on my heart in a negative way. I want these bad feelings to go away when I think of her father. I know it’s not right, and i feel like a mean person. Can you draw a card, please. Thank you, and stay safe.” -Jade

Congratulations on the birth of your baby girl, Jade. I hope all went well and that your sweet angel is thriving. I would love for you to email me a photo of her.

I drew the Four of Pentacles for you, hon, which urges you to pick your battles. Know what you can control and what you cannot where your daughter’s father is concerned.

I know all-too-well about absentee fathers as well as how taxing it can be on the mother to get the father involved.

You are not at all a mean person for thinking and feeling the way you do. The heartbreak of seeing your own child grow up with one parent glaringly absent is real and it hurts very deeply. But you cannot force him to feel something he does not nor can you force him to spend time with her.

As she gets older and becomes more interactive, he may step up a bit more. Men often do not form an emotional attachment to their own biological children when the mother is pregnant, especially if they do not live with the mother and see the progress of the baby bump each day and feel all the little movements. It is also difficult for men (and some women) to develop bonds with very young children simply because many do not know how to interact with them.

The only thing you really can do other than hold him accountable for child support is to leave the door open for when he does desire time with his child. Also, something I always strongly encourage is for you to try and form some bonds with members of the father’s family if at all possible, especially his mother or grandmother.

He may not like it, but it is the least your shared child deserves. She is owed at least some link to him and that other half of her DNA. Also, his family deserves the opportunity despite how stubborn and opposed to it he may be.

You need not be in constant contact with his family, but frequent phone calls and emails with updates as well as regular photos will go a very long way in helping your daughter to have some kind of connection to her father.

I know it is of little comfort, but as your angel grows, matures and progresses, remind yourself from time to time what he is missing.

“Am feeling down and lonely can pick cards for me” – Ogomide

Hon, I am truly saddened to see of how you are feeling. I have no doubt that the current pandemic and all of the social and work restrictions have only made your situation worse.

The card that came up for you, hon, was the Page of Wands, reversed, which talks of you having a rather self-limiting thought process.

In looking at you, I see that you did not start out spending so much time alone. At one time, even briefly, I see you were somewhat of a social person. You need to get back in touch with that side of yourself, hon.

It is way too easy to fall into a routine of completely isolating yourself. This habit often sneaks up on you before you realize it and through all the many years of being alone, your mind develops certain beliefs (your card) about not being worthy of others and not being able to measure up or live up to the expectations of others. In time, it just becomes easier to be alone. But the pain can be tremendous.

This card that I drew for you also talks about spirituality. I urge you to get more in touch with your spiritual being and explore some groups, organizations or other opportunities in your area that cater to your beliefs or interests or even your curiosity.

Getting out and putting yourself in a real-world group situation can be quite daunting, so maybe start a bit smaller and join some facebook groups of local organizations and other groups that feed your interests. Seriously, you can find a facebook group for pretty much any topic imaginable. Joining groups of local persons will put you in the prime position to eventually get out and socialize a bit and meet new people.

Hon, it is imperative that you simply take that first step and just put yourself out there. I know you may be opening yourself up to a negative situation, but you will just as easily be opening yourself up to a positive, life-enhancing situation.

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  1. Hi Tami hope all is well. I need advice. I lost my husband 3 1/2 years ago. 8 months after he passed I met a great man and we started dating. My adult children threw a fit and he backed off not to cause me problems. He put me in the friend zone. We are bestfriends and see each other almost daily. I am head over heels I. Love with him. Will he ever think of me romantically again?

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