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Why is Tamron Hall so upset about Prince?

Tamron Hall

Why is Tamron Hall so upset about Prince?

Tamron Hall the NBC News anchor presenter is still in mourning for her close friend Prince. Tamron feels upset that she missed the signs that he was on prescription drugs. She and Prince were close friends and spent a great deal of time together. It’s very understandable that she feels hurt, but she should not feel remotely responsible.  During an interview with Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens, last Wednesday. She opened her heart about her pain. She said: “It was a devastating surprise.”

She went on to say that she had no idea that the Grammy winner had substance abuse problems. It is always harder for those left behind without answers. We assume we can spot the signs in a friend we hold dear. We assume there is nothing they wouldn’t tell us. But everyone has their space, where even their nearest and dearest can’t enter. I can speak from experience Tamron, and I know only too well all the questions that run through your head. We all think “if only.” Sooner or later, we come to the realisation that we are all adults. And in being an adult, we must take responsibility for our own actions. We all try to protect those closest to us. Sometimes people withhold this kind of stuff trying to protect those they care about most.

What do the cards say for Tameron Hall?

The Queen of Cups shows your heart is full of nothing but love and respect for Prince. This also brings with it the great loss; with the gap nothing can fill. Through this love, you are always connected. Love is energy, the spirit is energy, this makes the two easy to connect. Energy never dies, it simply transforms. Instead of giving a physical hug now, you send a spiritual one. Just as valuable and felt just as much.

The King of Wands signifies the energy that Prince brought to your life, even when he was on this side. This energy has not changed. The being or the soul who was Prince still is Prince. But without the heavy flesh coat that we are all familiar with. When you wish to connect with him. Think only of the personality, the love. And the energy that wrapped the two into the connection that you both had. Then you have connected again.

The Death Card. Don’t let the name fool you. As it is about new beginnings. The hardest part of losing someone we care about the way both of us did, is to carry on after. There are the places that you once met. The things you once did. Time will pass, but in your heart and mind, they will never age. You will find yourself talking to them, thinking about them, and missing them. But they are always, only one thought away.

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