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Tarot For Healing After A Breakup


Tarot For Healing After A Break-Up

“We need to talk.” That’s how the nightmare usually starts, your world collapses under your feet and the next weeks or months are followed by a roller-coaster of emotions, from sorrow to anger, from hate to love, from calm to despain, and most often than not, you’re also left with plenty of blanks to be filled.

“What if…?” “What could I have done differently?” “When did he or she start feeling this way?” “How didn’t I see it coming?” And, by far, the most asked questions of all: “Will we get back together?” “Will I ever love again?”

It is completely legit to want answers, especially when we are left in the dark, lost and wondering how, what and when did everything start going South. While it is only natural to ask yourself if this is truly over, answering whether or not you will get back together is not everything that Tarot can offer to you.

The healing possibilities of Tarot open up an immense number of opportunities for you to discover, forgive, learn, attract and ultimately create the life you want. It is all a matter of perspective. When you cannot find solace for your heart, perhaps you have been asking the wrong questions all along!

Here’s a simple trick to get back on your feet and use Tarot to truly empower you. It is a small difference that changes it all. Simply by switching your approach from “Will we get back together” to “What is the lesson from this relationship?” you are taking the power back where it belongs, yourself.

After all, Tarot is not only a mere tool for prediction, but also for discovery. When you enquire about your patterns, cycles, lessons and ultimately causes, you get to the root of your pain and you acquire the ability to turn things in your favor, to erase, to grow and to become the person you want, in the relationship you want. Dare to take a sneak peek into the shadows, for the darkest hour is just before dawn.

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  1. This is very true my marriage is over. I love him but he’s so controlling I can’t talk to no one he yelled at me for talking to my aunt and then he packed all his close and moved into the spare room. I’m disabled and have always been the reasonable one he thinks it’s funny when he loses his job his money is his and he won’t help fix nothing he always says I have the money he won’t leave because he can’t support his self he’s never had his own place he keeps missing his credit up.im so lost all I do is cry I’m on depression med.