2021 Tarotscope

Taurus Tarotscope for 2021

Reading the Year Ahead for Taurus

A tarotscope is a horoscope that uses tarot cards to guide the astrological divination and help focus it for the reader. Here I’ve pulled three cards to illuminate what’s coming up in 2021 for Taurus.

January to April: Queen of Swords

The opening months of 2021 are months when important moves and decisions need to be made. The Queen of Swords allows you to cut through restrictions and get things off to a good start. She follows her heart and is defensive when it comes to the things she values. 2020 has taken a strain on all, and especially people like Taurus who always like to be on the move. Now the new year has dawned. A fresh new field of grass is stretched out before the Taurus bull. There may be some fences to get through, but they are small in comparison to your desire for overcoming obstacles. The words “I can and I will,” should run through your mind daily.

May to September: Five of Wands

The Taurus bull is a herd animal and works best in groups. The middle four months of the year seems to favor groups. Although you like to be in on the action when decisions are made, you can do without the strain of taking the whole world on your shoulders. Sharing will see you maintain a sense of freedom while feeling you are taking responsibility seriously. Most Taurus seem to favor the later part of this season for holidays. Mainly because as earth signs, they need to ensure everything they have worked on is balanced and secure. The sense of freedom of 2021 is not lost on Taurus. Make the most of it.

October to December: Judgement

The Judgement card obviously points towards decision making, but it’s more than that. It also reminds us that the universe tends to repay hard work and dedication with great rewards. You reap what you sow, and the sense of freedom this year has offered after the restrictions of 2020, has allowed Taurus to flourish in many areas of their lives. Fences don’t suit the Taurus bull, and they are the first to spot the gap in the fence and react. This is the mentality that will ensure that you are able to achieve amazing things in 2022. The closing months will be the time to reflect on success and even any failures. Because lessons can be learned from them. Carry only what you need into 2022 and keep a positive note in your head.

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