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Taylor is swift to help

Taylor Swift

Taylor is swift to help

Taylor Swift has proved that her heart is as big as her public image. It has been disclosed today that she has donated $1 million to the Louisiana Flood Victims. These people are sadly not getting as much coverage across the worldwide media as previous floods did. Natural disasters are particularly devastating because they overwhelm even the best-prepared people out there. The victims are left helpless, homeless and frightened for their lives and futures.

It is heart-warming when someone in a position like Taylor Swift remembers them at this time. She proves that she has not forgotten the people of her country in their hour of need. Mother nature is a force to be reckoned with and we need to start listening to what she is saying. We need to respect her planet, in order for her to respect us. Perhaps if we one day find a way to understand her delicate balance, we can prevent further tragedies.

The People of Louisiana will recover, but that’s little comfort to them today while they are still assessing the damage. What Taylor Swift has done fills me with warmth, as she is the answer to many people’s prayers today. Angels come in many forms and sometimes, we become one without even realising it. It’s that moment of good will to our fellow man, that outstretched hand to help when he falls. That act of good will we carry out because we know it’s right. This is what gives us our wings for the day and Taylor Swift has surely earned hers. May karma repay you a thousand times Taylor Swift.

Master Psychic Vincent’s Verdict.

What are the cards saying about this event? The Knight of Coin  is the donation which was given. The Knight is gallant and protective and the coins bring the much-needed relief to the neediest of people. The Star Card shows the aftermath of the destruction. This has to be dealt with and it won’t happen overnight, but a new day will dawn for the peoples of Louisiana and things will return to normal. The Six of Coins shows the distribution of funds to help rebuild people’s lives. As important as it is to fix the damage, it is also important to fix the cause. We wish them all a speedy recovery  and pray more people will follow the example of the wonderful Taylor Swift.


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