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Is Taylor Swift Revenge Song A Daring Statement Or A Brilliant Marketing Move?

Is Taylor Swift Revenge Song A Daring Statement Or A Brilliant Marketing Move

Is Taylor Swift Revenge Song A Daring Statement Or A Brilliant Marketing Move?

Taylor Swift went radio silent for the past few months since the Kanye West taped conversation fiasco. You know, the one where Kanye got Swift’s approval to use the nude depiction of Swift’s cameo on his “Famous: single and she went batshit over being violated and then turns out she knew about it all along? Well, sheeeee’s back! And it sounds like she is getting ready to release another kick butt Top Billboard album again. Of course, as always it will be at the expense of anyone who got in her way, hurt her feelings, embarrassed her or tried to take the thunder from her. Swift went from being one of the most beloved women in pop-music with her mega selling 1989 album then, in turn, has become one of the genre’s most hated female stars. She continually surrounded herself in controversy, maybe even beating Britney Spears shaved head, car beating days. Her press has been a love/hate commentary, intense scrutiny of her personal life, putting all her neediness out in the public eye and public mudslinging with the likes of Demi Lovato and Katy Perry. So, what does a totally loved and totally hated pop star do….she reinvents herself….again. On August 25, she previewed her forthcoming sixth album, “Reputation” (due November 10), with a new “groundbreaking” single, “Look What You Made Me Do.”

She started her musical career as a sweet as pie country singer, then grew up and took the pop music scene by storm with back stabbing, heart breaking tell all personal journal songs that became her trademark. Also gaining a rather sour reputation of nailing exes and their girlfriends to the cross. This time she’s played her revenge game a little differently. Swift in her first release seems to nail everyone who has wronged her while nailing no one in particular. “I don’t like your little games/Don’t like your tilted stage/The role you make me play, the fool/No, I don’t like you,” she sings over a hypnotic electro groove that’s miles away from her country-pop beginnings but wouldn’t sound so out-of-place on an album by her pop frenemy Kate Perry. One can only imagine whose names are “in red, underlined” on her shit list. She may be “smarter” and “harder,” but Swift is playing tough while still playing the victim. Clearly. she hasn’t shaken anything off. But about that change in musical direction – is it a good one? In the HuffPost article about the new song, one reader commented: “I’m sure her fans will eat this up, but it was kinda lame to me. If any other female singer released this, no one would care…” For all the talk about Swift pushing boundaries, she’s only pushing her own. “And the haters gonna hate hate hate hate hate,” she sang on her previous album’s introductory single. They’re still hating, and she’s still milking it. Bad blood continues to be the source of Swift’s greatest inspiration and as it spills, you can be guaranteed she will be laughing gold and platinum all the way to the bank.

Susan Z’s Conclusion:

Swift certainly knows how to write those diva songs full of high school victim energy but she does it with full on rhythm and entertainment, so more than likely this album will be another big hit for her and once again with everyone trying to guess who in the hell she is writing about. Lol

King of Swords: Inverted (Upside Down)
Contracts being made and advice given, sometimes representing a cruel and unforgiving person. Since inverted, I would say that Swift writes songs on what she wants and really doesn’t give a shit what you think and since she is the ultimate victim, her music is interesting. Isn’t most music about being done wrong and broken hearts?

Two of Cups:
New relationship being made. I feel this is Swift reinventing herself again and wanting to create a more edgy feel about who she is and her music.

The Star:
Everything turning out just fine. Regardless of how many times she reinvents herself and bad blood with other stars, she is talented and does what she does well, so she will wind up on top regardless.

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