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How did Taylor Swift show true class at the birthday bash?

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How did Taylor Swift show true class at the birthday bash?

It was October 23rd and Taylor Swift attended Drake’s Birthday bash. All great you would think? Until she noticed who else was in attendance. Her ex-Boyfriend John Mayer and frenemy Katy Perry. Well, that would normally cause war at a celebrity bash and the media would be all over it, but Taylor played it very smooth and although it appears to have stopped her from dancing the night away, she stayed at her table with her friends and appeared to have a good night despite their attendance. I would imagine it was a little awkward though.

Taylor, I must take my hat off to you. That was one piece of class behaviour which shows that you are a lady of style. So many others would have played “The revenge game” but you held your own space with grace. Now that’s something you need to pass on to some of your fellow celebs. There is a time and a place and another person’s party is not the place. The feedback from the other two was pretty much the same. So, you are all to be commended for holding it together.

Well, let’s throw a few cards out for you as a mark of well-earned respect.

The Nine of Swords
This card talks of pains of the past. That is where they belong, back in the past. The only benefit they must you in the future, is that you learn from them and when we put past lessons down as education, we are very unlikely to repeat them again. It’s about moving forward, onward and upward. The memories can only haunt us if we give them space to do so.

The Eight of Cups
This is the card of hidden love. Someone who hasn’t come forward with their intentions just yet. The opportunity will come and bravery will win the day, but for now walk forward knowing that there is a lot of respect for you out there. You certainly gained some brownie points by your behaviour at the birthday bash. Even if the media were a bit disappointed that you didn’t start throwing glasses.

The Lovers
This is the card of difficult decisions. You know that there is no easy way of doing things. There is bound to be regrets one way or the other, so you just must give it your best shot. I would recommend going with your first instincts. They are normally the ones that serve us best. If we start trying to find other avenues, we will only add more confusion to something that is already a headache.

Master Psychic Vincent’s Verdict.

You were right to put the past where it belongs in the past. Your love life is not finished by a longshot, but you need to look for pastures new. There is someone in the wing just waiting for their chance, and it may surprise you who it is, but you can only do this when your heart is ready. Decisions need to be made, which will upset some people, but it’s your life, you must do what’s best for you. The early spring appears to have a lighter air to it. Let’s just focus our mind on getting to that place.

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