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Why Did Taylor Swift`s Tweet Upset Fans?

Taylor Swift Tweet

Why Did Taylor Swift`s Tweet Upset Fans?

Often celebrities feel like they can`t make the right choice. Everything they say (or don`t say) can and will be used against them. Shouldn`t they have the right to voice their opinion as and when they want to? They are famous and a lot of people will look up to them, while they will get criticism from others. No matter what they do or say. Unfortunately for Taylor Swift, she probably should have lived with her right to stay silent.

She might have thought that tweeting about her support regarding the Women`s March on Saturday was a great idea. Right until the moment when some of her fans got angry and disappointed with her. Some of the comments questioned why the singer didn`t attend the event physically. Others claimed that she only supports feminism when it suits her.

There were others who defended her, saying that Taylor doesn`t owe anyone any explanations. She doesn`t, or she shouldn`t. She has been silent throughout the political debate, and remains silent, except for the tweet that got her into trouble. As much as her fans want to hear her opinion, do they have the right to scrutinize her? Or should they be happy if she willingly shares information with them? Even if it doesn`t fit into their idea of her?

There are always two sides to a story, and until we know Taylor`s side, we can only guess. In the meantime, let`s draw some cards for Taylor to see if her tweet will have a lasting effect.

Psychic Timea`s Verdict:

Nine of Wands:
You feel like you have come to the end of your power to fight. There is yet another challenge in front of you, and you don`t know how to win. There is hope in the air though, as this is the last challenge before victory. Don`t let obstacles prevent you from going forward. You are nearly there!

Page of Wands:
You haven`t made up your mind yet, and you don`t stick with one thing alone. You are willing to give anything and everything a try, and experience new things and ideas. You feel like you aren`t experienced enough to take a stand (just like you said). Be positive and spontaneous, but not too impulsive, as you can drive people away easily.

Queen of Wands:
You are strong and independent, and aren`t defined by the opinion of others. Although you make a great leader, and you can usually get what you want. You also enable others to achieve what they want. As if saying “don`t follow me, but follow my example, and create the same for yourselves”.


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