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Taylor Swift. What’s next for the singer?

Taylor Swift. What's next for the singer?

Taylor Swift. What’s next for the singer?

Taylor Swift is not lacking in self-awareness. She acknowledged some months ago that she may be close to overexposure. Something of an understatement! Exposure is a good thing when you’re a famous singer / songwriter wishing to promote your latest warblings. Unfortunately for Taylor, the overexposure of late has been very much for the wrong reasons; notably the separation from super cool Calvin Harris. Lest we forget the Kimye thing which the couple seem reluctant to cease.

Taylor’s last album ‘1989’ came out in October 2014 and she went on tour which finished last December. It reportedly generated earnings of $250million, she also bagged three Grammy’s. This proves that lots of people love her music and she has many fans. It also reminds us why we think she’s great! However, the phrase that all publicity is good publicity is not working for her in this instance. I think we’re all a little tired of what has become the current dialogue of Taylor’s life. Frenemies, ex-boyfriends etc… Maybe Taylor should follow in the footsteps of her good friend Ed Sheeran and operate under the radar for a while. She has said many things this year. Specifically that she, ‘wished to be excluded from this narrative, one that I have never asked to be part of.’ Does she really need to respond to the nonsensical antagonism and thinly veiled jibes of… we all know who?

I wonder if the Sagittarian is aware that the planet of restriction Saturn is currently transiting her sign and will continue to do so until next year. Please hear me out before stating the obvious that we should look at the whole astrological chart before making these kinds of statements. Maybe Taylor should speak to her astrological predecessor’s, Scorpio Katy Perry or Libran Kim Kardashian. They have already experienced this transit and its not a pretty sight. Katy or Kim could explain why life might feel a little challenging these days. One thing is for sure, Taylor is bound to make good use of the ‘experiences.’ Right now she’s coming across as caricature of her former self and that is definitely not a good look. Let’s have a look as some cards and see what’s next for Taylor.

Véronique’s Verdict

Taylor drew the Ten of Pentacles, the World and the Death Card.

The Ten of Pentacles represents security for Taylor. There is a sense of permanence connected to wealth and prosperity and also family history. I feel that Taylor owes a lot to values and traditions and this is what she falls back on through the challenges. Taylor has a strong foundation and there remains a strong circle of support around her. Her continued hard work is something that has not been reported.

The World is representative of a new era on Taylor’s life path. She continues to view her life in the context of the bigger picture and I do not feel that she will allow the negative press to deter her in any way. Quite symbolically, she will have the world at her feet. Again!

The Death Card signifies transformative change and this will be refreshing. Out with the old in with the new. Taylor will allow herself to do what she does best, but better this time. A reinvention is underway as she becomes a newly packaged brand. She will go back to being what she does for a living, rather than who she is as a person. There is no fear with card, rather recognizing and confronting issues head on whilst getting on with the business of enjoying life. Quite simply, Taylor will reclaim the narrative in the way she knows best! Good luck to Taylor with her future endeavors.

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