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The Consequences of Doing Love Magic

love magic

The Consequences of Doing Love Magic

As a practicing witch, I very often get requests for love spells. Also, I have even more often seen the consequences of them, and let me tell you they aren’t good! Love and relationships are a huge part of our lives and we dedicate a lot of thought, effort and energy to them. It is natural to want to improve them with all the mediums available, but… Let’s be honest here. The biggest consideration to take into account when it comes to magic is that it works! And precisely because of this, sometimes, it’s not such a good idea.

This doesn’t intend to be a judgemental article, at all! After all, witchcraft is all about taking control, and taking control involves taking responsibility for our doings and that requires temperance. My purpose is to make of this an educational article that helps you understand what can go wrong – and also what can go right! – in love magic. Keep reading for more!

Can love be conjured?

One of the first things to take into consideration, is that there are forces in this world that cannot be created, and when it comes to love, your best shot, no matter how much training, experience or power you have, is to create an imitation. And just as it happens with knock-off handbags, knock-off love soon also starts falling apart!

So now you are probably wondering what is that you can expect from a love spell intended to bring back your ex or bind a lover to you. Well, here’s what happens! Let’s begin by saying that, yes, you will probably get that person back if your spell is well cast, but it will not make someone love you. Love spells plant a seed on the unconscious, and what this does is creating a need, a longing that cannot be satisfied unless the object of said longing is around. The danger of this comes when it leads to an insane obsession! And the worst part is that it doesn’t necessarily end when you want it, and it can create an attachment that is really hard to break.

Leaving aside other considerations, such as whether or not is it right attempting to create such emotion on someone, or if a relationship like this can last without continuing to feed it with more magic, the real question here is. What happens if you no longer want them to feel that need?

Sibyl’s Verdict

So, it is for all the above-mentioned reasons that when it comes to love, there’s nothing like the real deal, even when we have to wait for it to come! But, don’t get discouraged. Magic can be your aid in the search, and it can help you in your quest, by making you more noticeable, confident, open to love or to help you bring the right person into your life! Don’t miss my upcoming article detailing a ritual to attract the right person into your

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  1. I have always been curious about such love spells, but I find it that if a person doesn’t love you because they love you, and simply because of a spell, you never actually know if it’s true love or not….. I have a family member who dabbled in a love spell. Something that would make this individual love her and only her, but in fact, it back fired on her. While this individual treated her so badly, it didn’t matter to her, because she was the one that ended up entrapped in this love spell. He could do no wrong, she was overly obsessed with this man…. I do not know how she unlocked herself from him, but now she is in a healthy and real loving relationship…. It’s scary and as curious as I may be, I refrain from taking steps in curing my curiosity….

    1. I fell in love with a man ii don’t even know we have been sex friends for 3 years he has Alway said I’m not ready for a ratuinship VB and I worked so hard to prove I am but he Alway uses excuses from he cares for his elder parents to work slot we have never been on areal date I ask he say he try try never comes he and I meet in a weird way and I gave him a wrong number do you know he looked in my neighborhood for 3 months for me and than day we found each other for close to 2 years we text call sex and now he has became ignoring me saying mean things to hurt me I’m so lost with this I ask him to give me closure he says he just been busy I need to stop l all together but I feel like a elephant sat on my heart help me gain understanding because sometimes I feel like I’m dieing and I have even wanted to a few times help me know why he did this to me if I could afford a reading I would get one but I’m broke and on said so if u can do the tarot cards on me and Louie I would be forever in your debt I just need to know what and why he so distant from me has he Alway lied about being my friend

  2. Imo…it’s never good to do any spell that’s manipulating a person’s free will. The consequences can be disastrous. I’ve seen it happen when others I know did love spells. Karma will get ya every time.