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The Contemplative Hermit Tarot Card

The Hermit Tarot

The Contemplative Hermit Tarot Card

The Major Arcana Hermit Tarot card is an interesting card to see in a card spread, it can mean many things in terms of taking a good long hard look at your life at the moment, feeling a complete sense of loneliness in dealing with your life and also having gone deep within to see who you really are in this life journey. Regardless, the Hermit stands for deep introspection, whether it be looking at changes that are demanding to be addressed or thoughts of making some serious redressing of your life from a completely different viewpoint. But it is always about the soul searching, introspection and inner guidance to first see the questions and then find the answers within.

The Hermit is always an indication that you are ready to stop and smell the roses and take a break from everyday life to draw your energy and attention inward to find answers that are ready to be addressed, deep within your soul. You begin to realize truths and knowledge that is within yourself and not in the distractions of the outside world. You may find yourself wanting to spend more alone time in whatever form it may take, leaving behind your everyday routine and setting off on a journey of self-discovery, even if it is only a weekend away to the beach, a weekend at home without the distractions of TV, friends or busy time. It is called a sacred pilgrimage, contemplating your life, your motivations, your personal values and principles. Feeling the strong desire to find out who the true and authentic self is that you spend everyday with.

When the Hermit is reversed, it is still an exceptionally spiritual card. The Hermit is a link to spiritual awakening, even if you do not put any energy at all in the higher meaning of life. It can also mean that because you are disconnected with the big picture, you may find yourself feeling isolated and alone in dealing with everyday life challenges. Taking too much alone time, feeling as though you have no help in life is not healthy. Life is about connecting with something or a philosophy of Oneness.

In general, The Hermit often appears when you are at a pivotal point in your life, considering a new direction. Re-evaluating almost everything that has become your mundane day to day routine or wanting your personal goals to become something else. It calls you to look at your life with a deeper, more spiritual understanding, causing many of your priorities to change as a result. It asks you to take time along to contemplate.

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Career, Love, Money, Health, Spirituality

Career: The Hermit also usually represents that you are close to success and recognition. Your head set is energetically in a place where you feel you have done all the inner work and know you are now ready to see it manifest in the physical world due to your best work of being organized and productive.

Love and Romance: Sometimes this card shows that a romance from your past will show up and might be considered to give it another try. It is always a time to be cautious if that opportunity makes itself available, remembering why they are not in your life at the moment. Usually when the Hermit card is in a reading spread, romantic relationships are not a current priority for you right now, anyway.

Money: The Hermit is always a message to be conservative when it comes to financial transactions at this time in your life. If you’re thinking of making any kind of big investment, be cautious and take your time. Don’t take the chance to gamble with your hard earnings.

Health: Getting into the ritual of a good health routine would be helpful to you at this time. Any health problems you are dealing with could be drawing your attention to a problem that is metaphorically speaking to you. For example: lower back issues may represent identity matters and financial concerns.

Spirituality: This is usually when a mentor or teacher shows up in your life, even if they “teach” you in an indirect way. You can still learn from them on several levels. It may also mean that it is time to withdraw from your hectic day to day pace of life and take some quiet time just for you.

Susan Z’s Verdict

The Hermit is always about going within and becoming aware of who the real person is that is controlling your life. Most interpret the Hermit as a lonely time of life and feelings of isolation but sometimes, that time alone is exactly what is needed to recognize what is required to bring about the happiness you are looking for.

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  1. I am astonished at the accuracy of the tarot reading.. thank you.. I absolutely needed some insight on how I am feeling

  2. This is an appropriate card for me right now “the hermit”.
    The romance piece is currently in the forefront as man i love said he needs a break. I am hurt because he has a daughter whom i have come so close to. I love our family time together and had hopes of all living together.
    Now i feel alone and sad not sure if i remain focussed on myself giving him space or stay present reminding him how much i love him

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