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The Contentment of Nine of Cups Tarot

nine of cups

The Contentment of Nine of Cups Tarot

The Nine of Cups is often called a wish card. When it shows up in a reading, it usually means that what you have been wishing for has shown up and it seems all the planets have aligned to give you everything you have hoped for. It is a good space in time for you and you are happy with how your life is going, maybe not perfect but pretty close. The Nine of Cups usually shows up when someone has just fallen in love, gotten their dream job or something you have been longing for has finally shown up and celebration is in order! If it has not arrived yet, it is an excellent sign your wish is on its way.

The Nine of Cups is showing you that it is time to live life to the fullest, indulging and enjoying all the good things that are going on in your life at the moment. Everything seems to take on a richer energy, including enjoying good food and wine, appreciating the arts, making love, relaxing in your own way, enjoying nature or experiencing the company of good friends. It is a signal to you to live in the moment and give yourself permission to indulge in what makes you happy and gives you pleasure.

The reversed Nine of Cups is another energy altogether. Still retaining the good things that may be happening in your life but a cautionary advice to not look outside of yourself for that happiness. As with everyone, success and happiness mean different things to different people, so it is important to only stay focused on what good is happening in your life at the moment and make no comparisons. Sometimes, the reversed Nine of Cups suggests that you might be frustrated that your wishes have not yet come true.

In general, the appearance of this card is usually a sign of much happiness and many good things about to come. It also can mean that what you have been wanting is now likely to show up in your life. Nothing is a sure bet in tarot but the Nine of Cups is a good indicator that if you have been asking for something in your life, it is on its way.

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Career, Love, Finances, Health, Spirituality

Career: Unexpected good fortune that you hadn’t counted on may show up in your career such as a raise, promotion or even a new job offer. If you are working a that big promotion, going to school for advancement and it seems like it is taking forever, it shows that you are now seeing the light at the end of the tunnel and you will see lots of forward movement. If you’ve been interviewing for a job, this could be the time the one you were really hoping for finally comes through.

Love and Romance: The Nine of Cups is a great card to have for your love life. If you’re already in a relationship, it’s very possible through some unexpected circumstances, it will deepen and become better. If you are looking for romance and/or a relationship, get out and take the opportunity to have conversations with people you would normally not approach, detached from any potential outcome. The idea is to have fun.

Finances: This card is a very powerful positive omen that shows your money situation is also getting ready to get much better. Whatever you had in mind of increasing your finances may not come about exactly the way you had envisioned it but it will come, none the less. It can sometimes be linked to a situation that can bring upset but the outcome lines your purse with gold. For example: A car accident where you make extra money on the insurance check.

Health: When the Nine of Cups is related in your overall health, in general it indicates that your health is in a good place. Tests will turn out positive, if needed and a good overall healthy prognosis is in the making. Use this good health energy of this time to reinforce or enhance your daily habits with addressing your nutrition, exercise, plenty of sleep and meditation.

Spirituality: This is an important card that suggests you look where your spiritual beliefs and energy are placed. It is reminding you to take the time to notice and improve on your use of positive affirmation and visualization and the ways in which they can enrich your life on every level. Dream big, then take steps to make them come about.

Susan Z’s Verdict

The Nine of Cups is where we all strive to be on our day to day life journey. That we have put the chaos behind us and are having a period where everything seems to be in place and working in your favor. Maybe not perfect, but still with a sense of balance, happiness and that life if good for the moment.

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Originally posted Nov 30, 2018

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  1. I am hoping to get some luck on love and money .I been trying to look for the love of my life and the one I can’t live without. I am trying to get some luck for money so that I can take care of my grand kids for Christmas.

  2. I love this! Thanks Susan! I needed this card and have been praying for something that has finally come.

  3. Thanks I love this card I want my fiancé to commit to me for life I love him very much and I don’t know what holding him back

  4. Thank you so much for the reading. I too have been waiting to fall in love one more time & I met a wonderful man recently & I am hoping he is what I have been waiting for. Again thank you for the inspiration & the great blogs you post. I am extremely grateful!! Much love ?❤️?

  5. I’m new to all this. But if this is a wish card, I’m wishing that this new friend I have in my life finally starts to open their eyes and notice me a lil bit more. I’m so into him but he just wants to be friends.