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The Death Card – Dispelling the Fear

Death Tarot Card

The Death Card – Dispelling the Fear

One of my favorite cards to pull in any Tarot reading also seems to terrify many seekers as they are too quick to see only the face of the card and the name… Death.

The Death card at its most basic book definition simply means a falling away of the old and the bringing in of the new. While each book will use different wording, the same basic principle applies: A fresh start.

This fresh start can apply to whatever situation the seeker may be asking about and almost always will bring new hope for the seeker but there may be sacrifices to be made along the way. Death is not all wine and roses as anything worth having in life is not without give and take. One may have to sacrifice something dear to them in order to gain this new beginning such as losing a friend that was once thought to be close but has drifted away. Cutting ties with this friend will free up the energies to welcome someone new into the circle. While one can never really have too many friends, sometimes the negative energies sent out by that one friend can prevent one from moving on to a healthier friendship.

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While Death may indicate an actual loss in some readings, that is quite rare. Maybe only a small handful of times in my long reading history has Death foretold of the actual impending death of a person or beloved pet. Few readers will even speak of it in those cases as many consider it improper or simply wrong to speak of such darkness. I, though, believe in always being honest in what I see but will first thoroughly consult all other cards and my Spirit Guides, as well as those of the seeker, before discussing what has been seen. Again, these instances are quite rare.

I have had clients audibly gasp when the Death card is pulled and on television, this card is often used to indicate more death to come. A particular episode of “Criminal Minds” comes to mind, in fact. Even the infamous Washington D.C. snipers used the Death card in a couple of their killings back in October of 2002 to taunt the police and public in general.

Once I explain the true meaning of this card, my clients usually embrace it. However, some do still have reservations which is perfectly understandable. There are countless Tarot decks and each one often depicts Death with a dark and sullen image or graphic. This does not help to allay the fear and concerns seekers may have with regard to receiving this card.

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Tamara’s Verdict

As is always the case when getting a reading, the seeker must keep an open mind and not be too quick to make any assumptions. Pretty much any negative situation can ultimately be turned positive with the right mind set and a better understanding. I urge any seeker for whom Death is drawn to fully accept it and be open to the new and positive changes being foretold.

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Tamara is an award-winning writer with over 35 years experience as a Spiritual Life Coach, Psychic, Tarot Reader and Medium. She has worked with individuals all over the world through a myriad of life issues ranging from relationship and marriage counseling to dealing with grief and loss, as well as a whole host in between. She appears as a guest speaker on numerous podcasts and radio shows. To learn more about Tamara, please visit: www.psychicamarillo.com

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  1. I once had that fear myself, not fully understanding the death card. But upon hearing the explanation of what it could mean, the end of one thing and beginning of another, it was not so ominous to me.
    However, the ending of one thing often holds grief for us. Even if it is the end of something not so good…or the end of one relationship to bring about another… it is never easy…even if it brings about good.

  2. In my case today has been about failure of something I thought would be easy so now its time to buckle down and figire it out.

  3. I just want to say that so far my readings have been right in the money. N my goals are coming together. I just got a new used car that was very much needed. N my move to Colorado that I’ve been waiting about a year n a half for us finally coming together as well as my financial being is also looking up. I’m very hap p with my readings so far n would like for them to keep coming. And I never read them until the nighttime or the next day just to see if they are or are not in the money.

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